The Secret to a Sparkling Swimming Pool

how to make your pool sparkle

At the end of every pool season, you will notice a few things happening in your pool that you would not see during the season’s first week.

You will hear the gate latch open and close, and the pool seems to be quieter. You may also have noticed that your skimmer water line is becoming clear. The pump will be more efficient at lower operating pressures, or a decrease in noise. You may also notice changes in water color, or a blanket of sunlight starting to cover your pool in that light summer fog.

Regardless of what your pool is experiencing, a pool service technician will need to conduct a few tests and adjust a few parts to fix the problem, and then you will be able to enjoy your pool– guilt free!

Maintain Your Pool With Regular Care

If you maintain proper water balance and protect the plumbing system from wear and tear, your pool should not experience a sudden loss in water. However, if you notice a drop in pool water with unusual cloudy appearances, or your pool starting to look uneven, it may be time to clean the pool.

Initial Failures

Sometimes pool owners do not want to maintain proper water balance, and it does not mean you did not build the pool properly. However, if there is a sudden loss in water pressure, or the dip rate on your skimmer rises and falls, an over-balanced swimming pool may cause shock currents to suddenly occur. This can mean restricted water movement.


With the plumbing system damaged, the pool pump’s ability to keep up with demand increases, meaning there is a sudden spike in water consumption, especially in swimming pools.

In this case, you will minimize water consumption by keeping skimmer water consumption lower than normal. This will reduce the pressure-its apprehensible impact on water consumption is negligible. However, you will have to fortify your pool against future shocks, so that excess compounds will not get through the filter. It is not always possible to prevent shock currents. You will have to consult your swimming pool maintenance manual.

Debris Mass

Debris and other particles create a bigger problem. You want to avoid silver disease (ornocalvest syndrome) by maintaining a good balance of swimming pool debris.

Who is responsible for the cleanliness of your swimming pool?

The pool service technician at the end of every season should clean out your skimmers and traps, then rinse them well. Enjoy your pool! If your pool has savvy fluids, which come from complaint-provident natural sources like rainwater or de-icing, that is safe, but your filter must be cleaned daily.

Losing Water

A common pool problem is losing water. It may be a mechanical leak, or it could be that the solar pump is not operating properly. If you live in a state like Texas where the heat can get high; water can evaporate quite quickly so investing in Texas Patio Covers could be an easy solution. All that means is that the container is not being filled the way it should, and you may be tempted to add that object to the pool without cooling it down first. It must be added to the lake. It is not an uncommon mistake.

Efficiency of the Pump

It is also just as common that a swimming pool pump isn’t efficiently working, and it should be replaced right away if caught. With an oversized pump, you could be losing so much water in the system that it causes stress off the system otherwise.

Popular Pool Techniques

Popular pool techniques of today are known by their marketing efforts. They may seem gross at first, but if you consider the function and affect on the pool you will realize that they are not bad if they have helped you in the first place!


In many cases it is inline pool filters with the machinery, and may add to the pool maintenance. In other cases you may have a damaged pump; do not remove it, replace it right away. The person in charge of the pool service should advise and give guidance.

There are a few important facts that every pool owner should know, and authorities should inquire about. It is an amazing talent to know what the need is and to know what products are available to aid in the upkeep of your pool and the health of the swimmers.

If you do your research and use these basic tips you are sure to succeed!

There is a lot of information available out there that is not made for the pool owner to ponder. If you are a pool owner and are asking questions about pool maintenance and then know then the information that you need is contained here.

Your pool is also a part of your property. It is also an investment. Because of so many things involved, you should not only know what to put into the pool, but also have everything in check and know what you’re getting when you buy those products.

You must also be able to watch for the dangers of the pool. If you have children then you need to know what mechanisms are there that should be watching your kids’ safety.