The Importance of Demolition and Demolition Services

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At one time or the other, old buildings may need to be demolished. The term concrete demolition refers to the tearing down of concrete buildings as well as other structures. During such a process, the professionals play a critical role in ensuring a smooth and safe demolition process. This article will guide you on the demolition process and the importance of demolition services.


There are many reasons which could necessitate the tearing down of a certain building. The most significant one is that prior to building new structures, one may need to demolish a certain building. Similarly, building new and more expansive residential communities is not going to be realized without the need for demolitions.

Your building could be identified as being a source of dangerous materials. The authorities may require that such a building is demolished in order to reduce or eliminate the threat that building poses to the general public. This is more so if the children play in or around the building, or if the building is near a school.

You may find that your building is not attracting tenants. In such a case, then, one may consider re-building or demolishing the building. In other cases, the cost of re-modeling or renovation could be so high that you do not find it worth it do that. There are some investors who are looking for exactly what they want and they may opt for demolishing in order to build a new building.

There are some instances beyond one’s control which can necessitate a demolition. For example, the American government makes a spirited attempt to provide road services as well as other infrastructure to the public. In such a case, the development may affect you and your building could be demolished. However, in such a case, you do not need to pay for the demolition, and you are going to be compensated.

Having discussed that, you could find yourself in need of demolition, much as this is not a common practice. You have assessed the benefits that will come from demolition, and you have seen that it is worth it. In that case, the next step is to check the market, and look for the best provider of demolition services.

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The importance of demolition and demolition services

When you hire a demolition company, you are going to ensure that the community is safe. This is because old buildings are often unsafe, and may not be strong enough to withstand weather factors. When people work or live around the old buildings, they are in danger. Therefore, it is your responsibility as an American citizen or resident to protect life and property. In such a case, then, you need to seek the services of professional demolition services.

When you hire the right demolition agency, you are going to exploit the benefits of recycling. An increasing number of individuals and business owners are conscious of the benefits that come with protecting the environment. Such individuals and professionals want to be part of protecting the environment. When it comes to protecting the environment, it becomes a matter of individual responsibility.

When carrying out a demolition and professionals understand as much, time is of essence. Demolishing a building should be done as quickly as possible in order to enable others go on with their normal life. Take for instance a case where you are demolishing a building which is near a highway, in such a case, then, you are going to stop traffic for a while, and you have to deal with impatient drivers. Now that you cannot compromise the safety of the people on the road, time is of essence.

Safety is a matter of concern in the entire construction industry and not just about demolishing. The construction career is generally regarded as a high risk occupational career. In such a case, then, accident avoidance is a matter of priority. Generally, accidents that happen in a construction site are generally lower when compared to other areas of the construction industry. However, this does not in any way mean that there should be a reason for laxity.

Causes of accidents during the demolition include the following: falls, electricity, transport, collapse, and struck-by. Most of the accidents happen when one fails to determine the stability of the structure early enough. Thereby, the worker could be struck by a collapsing building.

Professionals in the demolishing services have enough experience on safety precautions. They have accumulated this experience through research and through working for long in the industry. For example, such professionals are well versed on the causes of the accidents and the various challenges that face safety management. The experience they have gathered is going to be of a lot of help when one is looking to solve complex problems facing the demolition project.

There are many processes in the building and the construction industry which can be done under Do It Yourself (DIY). However, the demolition process should not be one of them because of the inherent risks and complexities that it carries. Therefore, the only viable and sustainable option is the use of professionals who have the training, skills, and technology to carry out an outstanding task.

Some of the demolition projects require one to deal with hazardous materials. Examples of hazardous materials include the following: asbestos, lead dust, and synthetic mineral fibers. Such materials must be handled with care.

After the demolition is done, the disposal of the waste materials is important. In addition to that, the professional are going to ensure that there is an efficient clean-up exercise. After demolition, one is going to deal with debris and rabble, and this can be a complex process.

You may think that you are able to know which materials are hazardous, but you may be wrong. It is the professionals who are best placed to know that a certain material which is hazardous. In such a case, then, it is important that you leave it to them so that they can make an informed decision. They are going to know the best way of making a demolition, and the best way of ensuring that the government regulations are followed to the latter.

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Ways of Demolishing Buildings

The manual process is one of the most suitable for residential areas as well as structures which are small in nature. The advantage with the manual process is that it is safe more so in an area with children or highly crowded areas. Concrete demolition tools used in the manual process are picks, sledgehammers, and robotic hammers. Professionals would rarely use the manual process. However, if you want a DIY demolition process, then you should consider the manual process and it will save on cost. However, make sure that you are safe. The fact that a structure is small does not necessarily mean that it is safe.

The manual process is otherwise known as deconstruction. The building materials are systematically dismantled. Through the manual process, it is possible to leave the building materials intact. Such building materials can even be used in another building. In addition to that, they can be sold, as far as one clearly states that they are a product of demolition. Another advantage with the manual process is that work in the nearby buildings is not interrupted.

Mechanical demolition is ideal for larger structures as well as commercial properties. Most likely, the demolition companies will most likely make this choice due to the professionalism it carries as well as the convenience. An example of a large structure is a silo. Machines that are used in such an endeavor include cranes, bulldozers, and excavators.

Induced collapse is a process where one systematically and sequentially removes the main elements of the structure in order to initiate the fall of the building. This methodology is too dangerous for an urban setting, and thus, it is only suitable for isolated structures. It may also come with considerable noise thereby inconveniencing the others.

The building implosion makes use of an explosive which is highly powered. Such explosives include C4 and TNT. Now that the process of explosion, itself, takes a very short time, a lot of time is used in the preparation process. Again, such a process cannot be initiated in an area that is highly populated.

As you can see, the process of demolition is not easy. Therefore, much as you may think that you understand it, you could be surprised to learn that it is not that simple. In that case, then, it is best of you would consider the services of the professionals. They are the best placed in helping you make informed decisions on the best way to demolish a structure.

Again, the process of demolition is highly governed by the law. This is because it is a matter of safety concern. For example, prior to demolishing, you need a permit from the Community Development Department. Each building that is to be demolished requires its permit. Therefore, you cannot have a single permit for multiple buildings which are going to be demolished. When a permit is duly issued, the building must be demolished with a period of 30 days. Whereas an extension on the same may be granted, it is only issued in rare cases, and with a justifiable reason.

Some demolition companies choose a hybrid system of the manual and mechanical process. Through a hybrid system, one can have access to the advantages of the manual process and the advantages of a mechanical process. In short, it is a mix of both worlds, and better management of risks therein.

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Factors to Consider When Choosing a Demolition Contractor

There are many demolition services providers in the market. Choosing the right one can be a daunting task. Therefore, you need to be careful in making your choices for the demolition services. You starting point should be seeking a quote or an estimate. Demolition services do not come cheap. Therefore, shop around from a few sources on the best offer. Thereby, you are going to check the possibility of getting a cheaper service or a discount. As you compare prices, be sure to check whether there are hidden fees and the possibility of a cost over-run. The best way for this is to do a simple Google search. For example if you live in Nashville, you would search for Nashville Demolition.

You need to evaluate the reputation of the company and the track record of the company. The government requires that demolition tasks are done within a specific and pre-determined timeline. Therefore, check if the demolition company is able to meet those deadlines. If they cannot, you are better off seeking other options.

There is no demolition that is the same as another one. Therefore, be sure to check that the contractor is experienced enough to be flexible. In case you need customized services, state that as much. Your contractor needs to have sufficient soft skills because the demolition could be a public issue. For example, residents of a certain neighborhood may make official complains about pollution and noise.

Check how the contractor has been compliant to the safety measures required of demolition as well as other requirements. You need to evaluate if the company has any violations, warnings, and any citations. If there are any, you will be risking if you do business with the company. This is because you never know whether they are going to fulfill their legal and ethical obligations this time round.

Due to the sensitive nature of demolition work, it is important that the issue of bond and insurance is taken care of early enough. The contractor and the company in question must be licensed in order to avoid having legal problems with the authorities. This is going to ensure that if compensation is required for either the employees or third parties, then it is provided and given in a timely manner.


The demolition process is the direct opposite of the construction process. In order to have a smooth, safe, and affordable demolition process, you need to seek the help of the professionals and make comparisons thereon. Overall, safety in the demolition process is a matter of paramount importance.