The Best Way to Remove Wood Flooring

hardwood flooring removal

Flooring removal is difficult, especially where hardwood floors are concerned. Wood is attractive but annoying when you have to remove it. You have to do it in a way that doesn’t damage the subflooring. That means using the best flooring removal process, which typically involves the following:

1). Preparation

Don’t be so quick to pry wooden boards out of the floor. Take a moment to identify the area whose flooring you wish to remove. Some people want to remove the entire floor. Others are only interested in eliminating specific sections. Identify the area of interest and mark it with tape. This will inject an element of accuracy and precision into your work.

2). Dust and Debris

Flooring removal Jacksonville is messy work. This is true for any process that involves the use of a saw. You must protect your furniture, appliances, and every other significant item in the room by covering them with tarps.

If possible, move the items to a safe distance. It is always a good idea to declutter the room before you start prying boards out. You are definitely encouraged to remove move sensitive electronic equipment. Don’t stop at throwing tarps over your valuables. Secure them in place with tape. Otherwise, they will fall away at the most inopportune moments.

Wood Flooring Demolition

3). Safety

Protect yourself. You need strong gloves, goggles for your eyes, and a breathing apparatus that will prevent you from inhaling sawdust. Your shoes should have thick soles and closed toes. Wear long sleeves and knee pads.

4). Saw

The saw is the first tool you will deploy. Use it to cut the floor into sections of 3 feet each. Make perpendicular cuts. You can make the sections as small as you like. The objective is to make the floor easier to manage.

Keep your lines straight as you cut from one end to the other. Do not saw so deeply that you ruin the subflooring. Determine the thickness of the hardwood and adjust the depth of the saw accordingly.

wooden floor removal

5). Pry Bar

Once you are satisfied with your work, you can pry the individual sections of the floor out with a pry bar. You can do this by forcing the bar’s tip between the sections and pulling back sharply. The boards should pop out at this point. Do this with every section until the entire floor has been successfully removed. You can use a chisel to remove stubborn boards.

6). Disposal

You can’t just leave the hardwood lying around for wood floor removal. Collect the pieces in a container or a trash bag and send them to the dump. Try to locate and remove all the nails. If possible, use a magnet. It will simplify the process of eliminating all the metallic objects in the room that could pose a threat to your health.

Throw the nails away as well. You have to keep your gloves on during this process. The nails are still a hazard. Don’t forget to clean the room. Get a vacuum and remove all the dust and debris. Otherwise, it will make you sick down the line, triggering any allergies you might have.