What Kinds of Different Purses Should a Woman Take Into a Sports Stadium?

women cheering at football game

Fashion is an ever-evolving concept. What was in vogue a week back suddenly becomes obsolete. This ever-changing transformation is normal for the fashion industry. However, the topic here today is what kind of purses is a woman allowed inside a stadium. It has got more to do with safety and security than fashion and beauty. The general security situation has ensured that utility and comfort preceded dressing up. So for those who made it a habit to have their best stadium look up to the game, needs to reconsider.

The diktat from the NFL has been to leave everything behind. It has been in force for the past 7 years now. It also means that women will have to come to the stadiums with restricted bags. There are size limitations set up by the NFL’s Committee on Stadium Security. The Committee has been extremely specific about the appendages one can carry while visiting a game.

Hence a clear list has been published.

The primary reason behind such a move was thought to be safety and security. As per the Vice President and Chief Security Officer, Jeffrey Miller, it was the right of the audience to ask for a safe and secured environment to watch and enjoy a game and it was their responsibility to provide them with.

A primary cause for the handbag and purse change policy has been stadium security. With people carrying the entire house along with them delays security checks, the new handbag policies will mean that security checks would be a breeze. And they have been.

Over the past few years, the average time to get past security has reduced considerably. With greater control, this is going to become even more seamless.

Games generally attract three types of women. The ones wearing the team jersey, the ones wearing casual and the Kardashians. The first two categories may or may not carry much with them but the third category would be.

The security policy now ensures that no one does.

However, it has to carry something, it has to be transparent.

NFL rules scream that the only baggage that will be allowed has to be clear plastic, vinyl or PVC bags which cannot be larger than 12 inches by 6 inches by 12 inches. This will not only be easy to handle by the carrier but also for the security personnel manning the gates.

rules for bags for NFL games

The present

While the past rules have become a topic of debate for fans, the current situation demands that nothing is carried. Whatever fits inside the pocket needs to be carried and the remaining to be left at home or in the car. The sizes have increasingly become smaller since with stadiums attracting a large number of fans back to their fold, security has become even tighter.

The situation around the world

Stadiums around the world have been following similar rules and regulations for some time now. Smaller to no handbags. There have been restrictions on bringing cameras too. But that has been in vogue for a long time. The handbag policy has been the one that has irked many.

Angry voices

Women love to dress up for the occasion. They also love to carry their clutches and purses. Many prefer to carry large bags with essentials inside. The change of policy has ensured that these privileges are eliminated. Women fans are not impressed at all. They have voiced their anger stating that this in a way is discriminatory. However, the counter-argument to this is that it is same for everyone. Men who carry slung bags or backpacks to stadiums will not be allowed and that the handbag stipulations are equal for everyone.

Pandemic Culture

The pandemic has ensured that most of the arguments for carrying handbags fall flat on their face. The virus is said to be transmitted through water droplets coming out of spits and sneezes and probably even breath. It also can plant itself on various surfaces and stay there for days. This has led to sports committees creating new proposals, all over the world. Baggage, which was already restricted, has now almost been banned. Except for purses for men and women, which are conspicuous by their sizes, nothing else can be carried.

Clear bag versus no bag policy

The clear bag policy was created at a time when safety and security were at threat from acts of terrorism. The chances of Perpetrators carrying arms and ammunition concealed in the bags and then use it to harm spectators was high. Clear and small bags meant that security would be able to pick out dangerous objects and stop them from entering the arena.

The current situation demanded that the object that was threatening humanity as a whole was far smaller and more dangerous than arms and ammunition. It could infect surfaces and be contagious. Hence, the rule to eliminate any extra surfaces was established. Excepting for purses and clutches, everything else was a no-go.

The new fashion trend

Trust human ingenuity. Ask them to limit fashion to a bare minimum and they transform it into a limited edition. Limitation on handbags and purses have meant that the fashion had to evolve and create a new trend.

Numerous fashion houses have come up with stadium approved handbags and clutches that have become the latest rage.

Let us have a quick look at some them and try to understand what made them one in the first place.

cross body bag for women

The Cross Body Bag

The cross Body bag is a rage. It is not big enough to be banned and large enough to be handy. Worn across the body, the crossbody bag is slightly larger than a clutch but smaller than a full-grown bag. A crossbody bag is a useful addition to anyone’s wardrobe. It can carry almost all the essentials.

Crossbody bags generally have two side cup holders which can carry water bottles. There are separate cases for other items too. However, if you think you can carry a laptop in it, then, unfortunately, you cannot. These bags are designed to carry small essentials and not huge and heavy ones. Hence, there are compartments for glasses. Keys, cell phones and stadium tickets. Moreover, they have adjustable straps. So if you are not comfortable with a particular tightness, you can push and pull the strap and make it more pliable. These straps are long-lasting through excessive wear and tear do take a toll on its structural integrity.

A crossbody bag is generally thick by built. It is made of vinyl but is not thick enough to make the wearer feel uncomfortable. The bags come in various shapes and sizes. Being the current market rage, most tops of the line design labels have started manufacturing cross body bags. The vital thing about the bag is that along with being essential, it has its utility. Imagine a situation where you are standing in the line, waiting for the gates to open and instead the heavens open up. Crossbody bags are waterproof and will keep all the belongings within safe and dry.

the clear bag

The Clear bag

This is what the doctor ordered. It is not only a clear bag, which is what every sports and stadium security recommends but is small enough to fit inside the pocket too. They are surprisingly spacious given their size. One can keep a set of keys, the mobile phone and the ticket. Pocket clear bags are moisture-proof too. So it does keep the rain out as we as the sweat.

Clear bags come in various colors and is a must for the avid sports fan. They also have straps around to be carried as a small bag.

the crossbody and belt bag

The crossbody and belt bag

This is a true hybrid. You can wear it across the body as well as across the waist as a belt. It has all the attributes of the crossbody bag we had discussed earlier. It is larger than a clear bag, since it is essential a crossbody bag but with an adjustable belt strap, which becomes a waist belt if the need arises.

The crossbody and belt bag come in various fashionable shapes and colors. It may also come in the clear bag format, though larger than the pocket-sized clear bag.

The convertible crossbody and belt bag have found a large community of fans who swear by it. Given the option by which it can be worn, a large legion of fashionistas has made it a part of the fashion ensemble. The stadium security does not seem to have any issues with it since it adheres to all the guidelines.

Seeing the popularity of the cross body and belt bag, fashion houses have begun to put their labels on them. The sales figures suggest that it has become quite a rage.

clear halo crossbody bag

The clear halo crossbody bag

You may call it a bag, a clutch, a circular thing masquerading as something which it is not, truth be told. When someone carries it cross-body, eyes are going to roll. The crossbody halo bag does not carry much. It hardly carries anything. The question is why carry it at all then. The fashion factor is what matters here. Let the world know that a new rage in the market is slung across your body.

The NFL clear carry-all crossbody bag

The NFL clear carry-all crossbody bag

This is the largest bag in the section. It is an NFL approved clear crossbody bag which is of the maximum size approved by the Committee of Stadium security. However, the best part about this bag is that besides being stylish it is extremely useful. It holds everything. If the weather forecast was of rain, then it can carry that umbrella of yours too. Simply dump in your wallet, the set of keys, the tickets and even the woollen clothing.

The bag comes with standard adjustable straps and can be used as a crossbody or a side slung appendage. The bags are waterproof and ensure all your belongings are dry even in the biggest of downpours.

The NFL clear bag is one of the necessities of life. It not only agrees to the size rules but also packs an immense punch. Made of thick vinyl, they are long-lasting though the strap may face increased wear and tear and needs to be replaced over a period in time.

designer tote bags


Totes have been in vogue for some time. They used to come in various shapes, colours and sizes. They still do but not all will be able to find its way into a stadium. The stadium approved totes are quite popular on most online shopping sites. They are stylish and fits in quite a lot. At one point in time totes were the laundry favorite but they have come a long way. The current totes are hardy and stylish. A few are quite high priced too. The clear tote bags can be slung from one side of the shoulder. Most are zipped with multiple compartments that hold many things.

Totes are variously priced depending on the build and quality. The brand matters too. For those who wish to buy the latest in fashion will be surprised to find the number of choices they have. It is a spoil.

The clear backpack

The ultimate fantasy of a sports fan. Will carry a backpack and be allowed to enter a stadium too. The clear backpack is no more limited to men. Plenty of women love their clear backpacks and look at it as purses that are backpacks. They are stylish, easy to handle, durable and carries a lot. With adjustable straps, these backpacks are a rage amongst the current generation. The clear backpack is also waterproof, so come sun and rain, nothing dry inside gets wet again.

Final Words

With clutches and purses becoming the current connotation of fashion when it comes to stadium allowances, it was a time before ideas started flooding the human mind. The above options illustrate the fact that nothing stops a woman from making a fashion statement even when the odds and stadium security is heavily stacked against them.