Social Bookmarking For Higher Web Traffic

If you are doing email marketing or article marketing, SEO, and are interested in obtaining an avalanche of traffic to your website with little expenditure, then I recommend you register yourself with one of the ‘social bookmarking’ sites. Social bookmarking is a way of detailing your site every which. You do this through ‘linking’ to the site with other web users, or with general Internet search engines. On one social bookmarking site you can also report about your site. You can contribute to the rankings of other web users, which they can then monitor themselves.

Registering at a social bookmarking website is relatively straight forward, driving masses of internet traffic to you. You do a search for the website you wish to register, your account will be activated in a matter of seconds. You are allowed to write your own account which will be found online, and it should be a real and lasting account not a few keywords in just a stream. Signing up with these sites is actually very simple, all you have to do is click the icon on the bottom of the homepage that is normally normally on the very top of the page whilst you look at the many options of the site. A field will pop up inviting you to add friends, someone you think is online, only someone really interested in the subject you share, or a news organization or a news story you have heard about. It will then take you to a step name and you add that to your account, it has a space for what ever name you wish to use as well as a place for what ever the page is called.

The next step is to add your documents or website. Tags are your friends, you add tags to your account, as well as, add tags to the pages you have added and the link them to the tag selected in the toolbar, from there it adds the people who have tagged your website with a simple ‘add tag’ button on your site; tagging is very simple, just type “tag:yoursitsname”; that will add a ‘tag’ to your account, and will bring massive internet traffic to your site. Speaking of gifts, there needs to be some great content on your website so take advantage of this method of exchanging links. Adding tags in is a way of making your site more ‘ forwards’ friendly, so, you should create a list of subjects in your selected word. e.g. “Michigan Land Clearing“, “Land Clearing”. Then you place pages with the subject in your chosen word, and have them linked to your website by way of a tag. Do not have a lot of pages from one site, you can have unlimited pages. The viewing page will pop up, enabling you to watch and vary sites and even invite people to your tag sites, just email you the link.

Therefore some small but some fantastic traffic to jump into your website if you post some styleful and informative articles, stimulating the visitors to comment on articles and certainly drive traffic. The system automatically takes a look at your existing links and adds them to sites, if you so fancy. If you possess some interesting content then this is a must-have. Repetition is also a very big plus, write lots of articles and hove into action. Your job is to ensure that your website does get seen. Web traffic will carry you for a long time, so, sit back, watch the ratings rise and the sales soar and enjoy the fruits.