Top News for Seattle, WA for 2020

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Lest we forget, the year 2020 was a heated one with the pandemic at the center. This roundup will take stock of the Seattle news that made headlines – politics, science, culture, etc. Here is a recap of what happened in the last 12 months.

Covid 19

Early March, Seattle became a living laboratory of the US for Corona Virus response. As the local scientists worked day and night trying to find a vaccine, the cases became more. Things got worse as the response started touching every part of their daily life. A few weeks after the first case, sweeping changes arrived at an imaginable pace – from bans of social gathering to the closure of restaurants.

As more cases were reported in Seattle news desks, the government became strict on public movement. People were asked to stay indoors to try and contain the pandemic. And when the cases rose at an alarming rate, there were supply shortfalls of PPEs.

When the virus settled in, Seattle hospitals tightened controls. Some of the facilities stretched to the limit. The mass testing also began in the early cases of the pandemic.

Outbreaks in prisons and failed attempts to release

One underappreciated aspect of the pandemic is how easily it could spread in the prisons. When the cases kept rising, activists lodged petitions seeking the release of thousands of prisoners. But the petitions were declined by the state’s highest court. This is something that was highlighted in most Seattle news headlines.

According to chief justice Debra Stephens, the group that represented inmates didn’t show the state that there was a risk of COVID-19 at the department of correction facilities. But then, there was an argument after the court heard the first-of-its-kind oral hearing.

After another petition was filed, the justice ordered all inmates over 50 years and those nearing 18 months to their release be set free. The activist proved to the jury that Washington was violating the constitution by failing to protect the inmates.

Tenants demand more relief

Protestors went in front of the house of Villette Nolon (nonprofit’s CEO) and asked for rental relief. One of the protestors stated that he was paying more than 70% of his income on rent. With such cases, it was clear that the pandemic had made the life of tenants difficult.

CEO Villette Nolon spoke to Seattle news media houses through a phone interview and stated that some landlords had started to evict tenants because of lack of rent. He further stated that he wanted an open dialogue with the housing board to settle the matter.

Image Housing had a lot of cash in its reserve, so it could use it to forgive residents for families. It’s also in their best interest to wave rent to vulnerable tenants.

Year of the voter

One of the hot topics for the Seattle residents was voting by mail – a method Washingtonians have been using since 2011. While most people were for Donald Trump, the college votes went on the side of Joe Biden. Since the evergreen state has been solidly for blue, many were surprised with Joe Biden’s landslide win.

Also, the democrats failed to win more seats in the legislature. But then again, the black group prevailed.

Some of the Seattle news highlighted by the media is that black women made historic gains. Twina Nobles became the first black senator in Washington. Keep in mind that he’s the second woman to serve in the chamber.

Seattle also got three other black women:

  • April berg
  • Jamila Tylor
  • Kirsten Harris- Talley

According to Bernard dean, the House Chief Clerk, only five women have been serving the house simultaneously.

November elections left more controversy

After all the votes were tallied, Jay Inslee (incumbent governor) had defeated the challenger with over 500,000 votes. But instead of Loren Culp accepting the results, he filed a lawsuit in King County Superior Court. He further demanded the auditing of:

  • Ballot papers
  • Voting machines
  • General Results

Thankfully, the Seattle news journalists highlighted the story, and the secretary of state dismissed the claims. Of course, Culp’s claims were unfounded that there were more than 800,000 eligible voters.

Human Remains in West Seattle Identified

On June 19th, homicide detectives identified bags containing two bodies. They also discovered a suitcase that was floating in the water. The County Commissioner stated that the two bodies were of 27-year old Austin Wenner and a 35-year old Jessica Lewis. According to the information provided to Seattle news desks, both cases were ruled as homicides. While the two cases were related to investigations in the Puget Sound area, they were not conclusive.

Federal Way Man Charged for Killing man at the bus stop

Jonathan Cleo (41) was accused of killing another man at the Seattle bus top. He was charged with first-degree murder, and by the time the Seattle news hit the headlines, he was being held on $1 million in bail. The witnesses stated that there was a heated argument between the two that led to the shooting.

The County medical examiner released a report that stated the death occurred because the victim was shot three times. One of the bullets went straight to the heart. But after the heinous act, the man left the scene.

According to the information captured by the cameras, both men were sitting at the rear of a sparsely occupied bus. But after disembarking the bus, Webb pointed his gun to Cleo and shot him dead. At the time of writing the news, Web claimed that he acted in self-defense. The charging documents stated that the way the defendant acted as a risk to public safety.

Black lives matter

When the death of George Floyd was highlighted by Seattle news journalists, it sparked mass demonstrations. Seattle was the epicenter of protests that 1Black lives matter’. You could see thousands of people match in the streets. Also, thousands of Washingtonians tried to identify racism within democratic groups. Some could even call their hair discrimination.

Most Seattle news media houses stated that the discussion on policing revolved around BLM. There were many questions about how Seattle police handle public safety.

Seattle Police Chief Announces retirement

A day after the council proposed cuts in the police department, the Seattle news that hit the headlines was that the police chief had announced her retirement in September.

Carmen decided to leave the force after 28 years, out of which two years she was at the help of the department. Her announcement came a day after the council decided to approve the initial cuts.

The Seattle news broke Monday night after announcing to her department that she’d retire. Her position was to be replaced by Adrian Diaz, the chief deputy. After several interviews with Seattle news media houses, she revealed that her decision was linked to the cut pay.

Following a recent pay cup that was suggested by the police department, it was clear that Carmen would be the least paid police in the executive police pocketing about $275,000 annually.

According to the Seattle News, about 400 police officers earned $200,000, with the median gross pay standing at $153,000 pa.

Boeing to end 787 Dreamliner production

In September 2020, Boing failed to comment on a statement that they wanted to move to South Carolina. But the report that reached Seattle news headlines is that they wanted to end the production of Boing 787 in Washington. This statement angered most leaders as most people will lose their jobs.

In an interview with Seattle news media houses, the Boeing spokesperson said that the company was looking for the most efficient way to build airplanes. In his response, Governor Jay stated that that was a disappointing decision that will lender thousands jobless. He further stated that the move was unprecedented even after the company received millions of tax breaks since 2013.

At the beginning of the year, the Everest campus employed about 35,000 employees that would become jobless. To some extent, it was understandable that the company had to lay off some workers following the covid-19 pandemic. The spokesman further emphasized that this was an effort to create a vacuum as the plant would continue manufacturing:

  • KC-46 Pegasus
  • 747
  • 767 series

Massive Wildfires incinerated Washington

On 8th September, massive wildfires incinerated Washington due to human negligence. It’s believed the fire spread fast because of the strong winds. According to the information collected by Seattle News journalists, the smoke was billowing over the cascades to Snoqualmie valley.

On one day, it was estimated that about 300,000 acres were consumed. This included a small town on the eastern side of Washington. After this massive destruction, the department of natural resources stated that all lands were closed for recreational activities only. It took about three days to contain the fire, but some firefighting aircrafts had to be brought to the ground.

A girl dies trying to help the mother during a seizure

As her mother was driving Southeast in Kent, a 12-year old Miranda jumped to help the mother, who was driving in front of them. Unfortunately, the mother drove forward and pinned the daughter between the two vehicles. Unfortunately, the girl died at the scene after sustaining serious injuries.

Miranda has rushed to help the mother was believed to be unconscious in the car. But she met her demise as he made the attempts. Those who knew her described her heart as gold.

The passing of Sex Education Referendum 90

According to the secretary of state website, the reports that reached Seattle news houses is that referendum 90 had over 59 percent of voters saying yes. The bill required that all schools in the state teach comprehensive sex education. Also, any public school can choose a curriculum from the developed list as long as it complies with SB 5395 requirements.

Most of the interviews conducted at Seattle news media houses heightened one thing. Districts can choose supplemental curriculum for grades 6, 8, and 9. Most interestingly, the bill allows parents to review the curriculum and doesn’t force the students to go through it. This means that any parent who doesn’t want the child to go through the curriculum is free to do so.

The hospitals get full in Washington

While Hospitals in Seattle are trending in the right direction, there’s too much that needed to be done. As the vaccine rolled out to the health workers, the Coronavirus cases continued to record a new high. The information that reached Seattle news bulletins in December showed that at least 100,000 Americans have Coronavirus cases.

In Washington, about 19.9% of ICU beds were occupied but the health department wants to have less than 10% occupancy of ICU beds. Another thing that was missing at this time is having less than 80% of beds filled.

Still, the department of health and human sciences a capacity that was less than the one offered at the facility level. At the time the Seattle news was released, King County and Pierce County led in the number of occupancy of ICU beds.

Proposal for green WA electric grid

Not long ago, the power used to be pretty simple for utility companies. But the pressure of using electric vehicles is quickly pushing the grid to evolve. Utility vehicles are also grappling with the best way to boost efficiency.

For the better part of 2020, the Seattle news media houses highlighted a story of how the legislature passed the Clean Energy Legislation act with the help of Washington Coaching Mindset . This means that powerhouses won’t be allowed to use energy that is emitted by greenhouses.

However, for the proposed plan to work, new infrastructure, and regulations must be created quickly. It also means that people have to install their solar panels to pack power. This paradigm shift changes the relationship between customers and utilities.

Another area of concern is connectivity. It’s believed that it will take longer on the connectivity as it requires more planning. The team is also trying to figure out how to create a system that allows customers to support the grid.

The other challenge is to figure out how people will be using power. According to Washington State of commerce, about half of its power for the last year has been hydro-power. You can look at this from another angle. It’s estimated that 106 million MWh was produced in 2019. Out of that 91 million were sold. Do you get the picture?

While Washington gets most of its energy from dams, it’s looking for ways to give the environment some justice by drafting new plans for green energy.

Now you know everything that happened in the last 12 months.