How to start a Commercial Landscaping business in St. Petersburg, FL

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Commercial landscaping in St Petersburg, Florida isn’t merely concerned with mowing lawns and planting grass. It is a complex series of services that include planning and design, not to mention installation and maintenance. Commercial landscapers will design your landscape, install the relevant components, and provide maintenance services periodically.

This is a booming industry. There are many reasons that compel people to hire commercial landscapers in St Petersburg, which is why so many people are tempted to invest in this arena. Commercial landscaping St Petersburg has its challenges but the rewards are so enticing that no one would blame you for taking a chance on a commercial landscaping business.

Starting one typically involves the following:

1). Plan

Every successful St Petersburg, FL business starts with a business plan. Commercial landscaping is no different. Find a professional that can detail your legal and financial objectives in a business plan. Keep an accountant on hand that can answer some of your questions. He or she will tell you whether or not it makes sense to incorporate the new company as an LLC.

2). Money

Your new business in St Petersburg, Florida is going to require financing. You have a lot of expenses to contend with, including all the equipment your people will use once you secure customers. Keep in mind that it might take you a while to find customers. You need enough money to keep you afloat during this period.

If you have sufficient savings, money shouldn’t present much of an issue. Otherwise, you should consider getting a loan or finding an investor.

3). Help

If you know nothing about Commercial Landscaping in St Petersburg, get help. Look for people that have experience in the industry and learn as much as you can from them. They will keep you on track, alerting you whenever you make mistakes and showing you how to save money on equipment.

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4). Pricing

How are you going to charge your St Petersburg customers? You will struggle in this area if you don’t know anything about landscaping. When your customers call, they are going to ask you for estimates. Prices for landscaping that are either too high or too low will chase customers away.

You have to take your skills, methods, and the cost of your equipment into account to identify a price that is suitable for your services. This is why you need a landscaping professional to guide you. They know what everyone else charges and you can use that information to set your prices.

5). License

This goes without saying. You cannot start a commercial landscaping St Petersburg business without first securing a Florida license. The kinds of services you offer will affect the types of licenses you must get.

For instance, you can’t just buy fertilizers and pesticides in large amounts. They have toxins that can corrupt water resources, which is why some areas might expect you to apply for a license to use them. You might also be expected to use specific techniques to bring water to your client’s yard because of the scarcity of water.

St Petersburg, FL Landscaping produces a lot of waste, including dirt and grass clippings. Some areas have laws that regulate the disposal of this waste. Because landscapers are contractors, you are expected to acquire a contractor license.

This is why a business plan is so important. It will show you all the laws, regulations, and licenses you are expected to acquire before you can start operating in St. Petersburg. It will prevent you from accidentally breaking the law.

This is on top of reminding you to meet your obligations to the American Society of Landscape Architects. Landscapers in many states are expected to acquire this license before they can start operating. Getting this license involves passing an exam that tests your understanding of health and safety standards.

The license requires periodic renewal. The ASLA expects all landscapers to stay abreast of changes in landscaping standards, which is why it provides services that educate landscapers that want to renew their licenses.

6). Tax

When it comes to meeting your legal commercial landscaping St Petersburg obligations, a license is merely the first step. You must prepare your tax information. Your business needs a tax identification number and an employer identification number.

You can apply online. If you are new to St. Petersburg, you should know that tax obligations and requirements tend to differ with each area and state. Do your research. Read the tax laws to ensure that your business isn’t crossing any legal lines.

7). Workers

Once your business has met all its legal obligations, you can start hiring St Petersburg, Florida workers. The type of worker you need will depend on the type of service you want to offer. Most commercial landscaping businesses require a wide variety of workers. You need both skilled and unskilled labor.

Fortunately, finding workers isn’t that difficult. Though, you are encouraged to authenticate their information to ensure that they are legally permitted to work in the country. Ask for social security numbers and tax information.

8). Expertise

Some commercial landscapers in Florida do everything. Others specialize in specific areas. Find your niche. Even if you want to dabble in every area, set your business apart from the competition by finding a section of the market you can corner. Your expertise is going to affect the kinds of workers you hire.

9). Equipment

You can’t peddle your services without the proper equipment. You can either buy brand new tools or get cheaper alternatives at yard sales and auctions. You can find high-quality equipment in either case.

People think that they need brand new tools to do St Petersburg landscaping but that isn’t true. You just need reliable equipment and you can find such tools at a yard sale. Like the workers, the kinds of tools you purchase will depend on the types of services you want to offer.

But most people need a lawnmower, an edger, safety gear, and gardening tools. You also need a way of transporting all your tools and workers. A truck or van will do. Insurance is necessary here because tools wear out. Insurance will reduce the cost of replacement and repair.

As you can see, starting a commercial landscaping St. Petersburg business isn’t a simple matter of buying a lawnmower and some gardening tools. It is no different from starting any other business. But the financial rewards are worth the trouble if you can secure customers.