How to Paint your House if you Want to Sell it

house painting to sell your house

When we are going to sell a house, the buyer must perceive that it is a property that has been given constant maintenance. This can help increase or decrease the value of a property by up to 10%. And one of the first things that buyers see, and that tells them if it is a house in good condition, is the paint.

Suppose your walls look in good condition, clean, with a uniform color, without cracks or scratches. In that case, people will feel invited to tour the property, as it is a first indication that the previous owners have taken care of the maintenance.

Why should you paint your house before selling it?

In the real estate market, a technique called Home Staging is used, which consists of improving a home’s appearance to sell it. This is NOT the same as decoration, and it has some resources that you too can easily use. In this sense, paint and colors are vitally important. If you take into account this technique to condition your property, you will surely be able to sell your house much faster.

The action of painting has something special; we could say that it is an action of renewal and new air that we use both in private and professional life. The issue of the need to paint a house for sale is a classic that does not go out of style.

Among the reasons why you should paint your house when you decide to put it up for sale, the following stand out:

  • When you list your property for sale, the main objective is to attract most buyers’ attention. The neutral colors favors the walls so that interested people can easily imagine living in your property and generate emotion.
  • Also, it is a powerful strategy to please potential buyers.
  • Besides, a property with new paint creates the feeling of good conservation, and the colors you choose are fundamental. The color and paint have to make the environment look spacious and pleasant and allow those interested in getting an idea of what their life would be like.
  • The painting has the peculiarity of renewing the walls, ceilings, doors, and windows. With it, stains, cracks, and past life traces are eliminated, making the environments look renewed.
  • It can help to see the property much larger depending on the colors chosen.

The first impression is essential; that is why the property’s good condition will create greater interest in the potential tenant or buyer from the beginning. Therefore, it is very important that you paint your house, both inside and outside, before putting it on the market.

How to choose the perfect colors?

If you don’t choose your colors carefully and wisely, the paint can work against you. Choose the wrong colors, and your future buyers will tell you that the house is to be repainted, and for them, it will be a significant expense, which they can avoid by visiting more places.

One of the main factors that you should consider before painting your house to sell it is the profile of potential buyers.

For example, if you want to sell an apartment for young couples, you should use white, but with touches of intense colors, red, green, yellow oranges. You can do it on cushions, a painting, or a wall—young people like bright, minimalist environments with details that make them look dynamic and modern.

On the other hand, older people prefer neutral tones, beiges, pastel tones, environments with a warm appearance, and some bluish tones.

Also, the color depends on the architecture and the style of the property. Maybe soft tones are not wrong for a classic build. And in a loft, you should not discard intense colors.

This is a very general way of looking at it since before choosing colors and painting, it is essential to consider whether it is the property’s interior or exterior.

What colors to choose to paint the exterior of the house?

Beauty, believe it or not, is also on the outside. Almost all painters and experts in real estate operations will advise you that neutral tones are the most used to sell your house faster. For example in Chicago a Chicago Painting Contractors group put out a memo that neutral colors for the exterior show a 67% higher chance in selling. Although the neutral colors are not so striking, they are the ones that the vast majority of customers are willing to live with.

A freshly painted, neutral exterior provides freshness and renewal. Although it is the cheapest, if future clients do not like the property’s exterior color, they will soon look at another house. It is very typical to believe that the decisions we make when buying are based on rational analysis, but our emotions are the ones that buy for us on more than one occasion.

For example, these colors have different meanings, and they can help you:

  • Navy Blue: if you put a luxury home for sale, a color made up of more than one word, like”navy blue.” could work.
  • Plain Colors: these colors are simpler, and it works on almost every occasion, like white, sand, or beige, but they shouldn’t be too bright or too dark.
  • Soft Gray: if you want elegance, then a soft gray is the right choice, and also adds some modern look to the house’s exterior.
  • A happy place: if you really want some bright color, then yellow is your choice to go. This color is associated with light and gold.

There are always exceptions, and some clients will look for a striking and unique facade. However, almost all buyers want to purchase a clean and orderly house that fits the neighbors’ houses’ general scheme. This tends to happen in all types of neighborhoods, from low budget to luxury homes.

The facade’s color is as important as that of each room that makes it up, mainly because it is part of the first impression. It is best to use light tones that give the property elegance and sophistication, such as white with brown or gray details.

You can also use beige or sand in combination with white or blue in less proportion. If you want more colorful tones, you can use pastel or light yellow. Likewise, green is an excellent option, as long as it is grayish or light.

What colors to choose to paint the interior of the house?

The first impression is the most important. With Home Staging, unlike with decoration, it is intended to create an impersonal environment, making it look more pleasant for the largest number of people, not for one.

The choice of colors also depends on the house’s architecture and style. With Home Staging, a study is made of the strategy to be used.

Among the main colors that you can use, the following stand out:


White is the most impersonal and neutral color that exists. It is the canvas that will allow the buyer to plan the future colors, the distribution of their furniture, and the details that they like. White makes a room appear more spacious and brighter. Besides, in Western cultures and also in some Eastern ones, the color white means purity, as well as cleanliness and peace.

The white color also provides an impression of cleanliness, another characteristic that a home offered for sale must have. And as if that were not enough power, the light, a creative source of good sensations and spaciousness in the interiors.

White creates a feeling of spaciousness and freshness, brings more light to rooms, and transmits tranquility. It is usually the cheapest paint option and a shade that combines with any other color.

Neutral and pastel shades:

Not everything is white. You also have the option of painting in other colors, without neglecting the first. You should use color to create the right effects for future clients. You can also add a bit of color to make each corner a visually attractive place.

According to North American studies, neutral tones are the most appropriate for selling a property. If you plan to sell or rent, decide on lighter colors. If you add a little color to your walls, potential buyers will be more impressed.

The soft/light grays provide a sensation of luminosity and create more elegant and modern environments; it is also an easy color to combine.

Beige and creams have similar effects as white. And based on the neutral color you choose, you should bring warmth by using other shades in the details. They also generate a feeling of spaciousness, calm, and serenity, it also brings simplicity and elegance to rooms, and it is an easy color to combine.

Pastel colors appear calm or calm. Although they may be bland for some, they do not generate counterproductive emotions of rejection, fatigue, or nervousness.

Striking colors in the kitchen

Professionals in color psychology advise painting the kitchen with the color of some food. That does not mean that you paint the kitchen with pepper red, but with more striking colors. If it is a kitchen open to the dining room, the advice is to paint the two areas with the same color.

best paint colors to paint a house to sell

What colors not to use?

In most cases, the interiors are not bright and pleasant like in the magazines. In reality, there are dark areas and shadows that affect good looks and do not look good.

As an example, we can say the living room; darker colors can lower a home’s price. If they are painted black or dark gray, they give the feeling of depression. Gray colors allow for a sophisticated air and can help drive up the price of the home.

You must do without dark tones in any room of the property. Black has too many negative connotations in our country and is often associated with death and destruction. Almost all buyers prefer cheerful colors.

The painting experts also advise painting some interior rooms in a lighter color than the exterior. The main reason is that if a customer likes your exterior color, they will also love a similar interior shade. The first impression is essential. That is why the property’s excellent condition will create greater interest in the potential tenant or buyer from the beginning.

5 Tips you need to paint your house before selling it

One thing that will help you increase your home’s value and translate into fewer expenses is painting. An interior or exterior paint job attracts and shows future buyers that your home has been cared for and is still in excellent condition. Making a small expense before putting it up for sale can give a higher value in the end.

1.-Paint walls and ceilings with the appropriate paint

Each space that makes up the property is exposed to factors that must be taken into account before choosing paint, such as humidity, high temperatures, sun exposure, traffic of people, type of activity, etc. Based on this and the walls that we want to renew, we must acquire the kind of paint you must acquire, for example, if it is a children’s room.

For the bathrooms, we have antibacterial water-based enamel paint; that is, it will help the moisture that accumulates in that area not to cause fungi or bacteria to remain in good condition for longer.

2.-Paint tiles

When the reform is not possible because the budget is high or the house is old, do not hesitate, paint the bathroom and kitchen tiles. As if by magic, you will bring them to the present time without great works, and you will get an image that not even you could imagine.

3.-Paint wooden doors

We often do not realize the woodwork in the house: either it is not pretty or it looks aged or old-fashioned, and it may not make a good impression. It resorts to painting to give it another more current or renewed look, achieving visual cleaning to highlight a wall, a room, or hide its unattractiveness even more so when it comes to good quality doors.

4.- Painting built-in cabinets

It is very common to find cabinets in a room or hallway that can be the room’s weak point if they are not right or with unattractive wood. One solution to make them stand out and achieve harmony is to paint them as the wall color. In this simple way, you can visually expand the space.

5.- Paint kitchen cabinets

As with built-in cabinets, it may be the case that the kitchen cabinets are not current but are in good condition and are of quality, or have a very striking color that is no longer in fashion. Dare to paint them, it’s possible! And give them back the image and modernity they had.

Paint your house and get the best buyer

Painting is a simple action that offers many advantages, as seen in all these points. Thanks to it and some real estate techniques included in what is known as Home Staging, you can achieve significant changes in the property you want to sell.

In any case, you can always seek professional help or advice when painting your house. This will guarantee that your house’s appearance when showing it to the public is the ideal one, with perfect finishes, so that you can sell as soon as possible at the price you want.