Why Modular Building is a Great Way to Build

Modular Construction

Modular building to say the absolute least is the best way (in our very humble, and probably biased opinion) to build or construct a house. If you haven’t heard of what modular building is, then no worries, we are going to be going through a pretty in-depth explanation and analysis of what it is. 

After that, were going to explain why it is so amazing, why it is so much superior in the sense of construction and time management. It honestly is just so much better that way, it can impact the way things were done if that was how things were built the majority of the time. There is a lot of reasons that we believe that modular building is a great way to build, and even how it is superior in comparison to the modern-day building styles and methods. We will be going over all that and how it all works in a way that will be extremely easy to understand how this method works. 

You won’t have any trouble understanding what we are talking about as we are going to be explaining this in the easiest way possible, so there isn’t going to be any confusion on what we are trying to talk about, and there won’t be any problems for you to remember what you need to know about modular building, because we are going to be going through a really quick recap at the end of this analyze. 

Before we begin the deep dive analysis, let’s explain how this is going to be structured, so for your convenience, you can just go through it and find anything specific that you want to know and learn for yourself, and for whatever reason that you might want to know. If you have no idea what we are talking about, you have no idea what modular building is (beyond the name), then it would probably be best to go through the analysis in a straight shot, that way you know what is going on. 

Hopefully, this analysis is going to be something that is helpful to you and whatever you’re doing. We will try not to waste too much of your time though, and try to stick to what is going to explain what you need to know, and why we believe some of the views we have on why the modular building is so superior. 

After all this excitement and very likely biased analysis and views, you are probably at least a little curious about why we think the modular building is so great. We don’t want to waste any more of your time, as we know it’s really important and why you shouldn’t have to take time out of your busy day to be pandered to. So, not wasting any more time, for your convenience and pleasure, here is a conveniently compiled list and analysis of why the modular building is a great way to build. 

How Modular Building Works 

Ok, so lots of people are confused about what modular building is, a lot of them think that modular building is something like magic, or science fiction for the most part. A lot of them think that a factory can just construct a mansion real quick and easy like with really no effort, and then plop it down on a bit of land after transporting it. 

They also think it’s something like science fiction a lot of the time. They sometimes think that modular building is something like a bomb, someone just throws a building grenade at a plot of land and this giant house starts unfolding right before their eyes. These are things that are not necessarily correct, there is a lot more to it than just magic and fantastical abilities that are not quite reality. 

We really can’t blame them for thinking that though, because it is almost magic in how modular building is so efficient. See, it’s not some science fiction bomb, and it’s not some kind of magical factory with unlimited speed and resources. Though those are both pretty close descriptions, albeit, extremely exaggerated. 

Modular building is something even more amazing. In a contained space, a factory, for example, a realistic one that exists we mean, modules, parts of, sections, etc. of a house are put together, they build these modules separately, and make them ready for transportation. 

A pretty good example of this kind of construction is Legos. See when you build and play with Legos, and you want to construct a house let’s say. You can build it up using the individual pieces and make the walls, but the doors and windows in, and whatever furniture you want. Then after you finish a room of that house, you can build on, and add another room to it, you can add a bathroom, a second floor, a bedroom, etc. 

You can just keep adding to that building, it only depends on your imagination and money. This is how modular building works, blocks, they build one part of the house, put it on a plot of land, and then they build another part, and put it on or next to that original room, like blocks, like Legos. 

This is why the modular building is just so amazing. A house, any building for that matter, (probably not a skyscraper though, we don’t have the tech quite yet to build something like that safely), can be built in such an efficient and faster method than what we were previously doing. It’s amazing, the amount of time it would take to build something is cut in half at the most, a third at the least. 

We are getting ahead of ourselves a little bit, sorry about that. The reason that the time to build one of these is cut almost in half is that you can do things simultaneously. As the construction for the land is being done, all the groundwork that is, that modules can start to be built at the same time in a perfectly clean and safe environment, in a factory where workers aren’t going to get tired or need to schedule things under such heavy time constraints. 

They just need to put the orders into the computer, load up the materials, and watch as the mechanized mechanics do their job. After it’s done going down the line, they can load up that module of the building or house onto a truck, or a plane if need be, and simply have it sent to the grounds where it’s needed, ready to be placed and set up. 

The time is cut in half, the planning is that much easier, the safety of everyone involved is being risen exponentially. It is just really amazing, imagine having your dream home built in half the time you were expecting it, and still meet all your requirements of comfort and safety, it’s insane how spectacular this innovative way of building is so readily available to us in our lifetime. 

This is something that we just love to see every time it happens, the exhilaration that a job well done is happening right before our eyes without any sort of hassle is just amazing. Especially when that is in comparison to regular construction. That’s something that we are going to be doing in just a few seconds. Before we move onto that though, we also have to tell you that we are also going to be going over the different types of modules that can be built. 

The Type of Modules That Can Be Built 

So, this going to be kind of a smaller section in comparison to the other ones on this list, but that is okay, as it saves us all a bunch of time. The reason that this one is going to be a bit shorter in comparison is that there isn’t much to explain for this one. 

See, there are only two different kinds of modular buildings that can be constructed. There is either a modular building that is just a box, just the walls, the roof, the flooring, (though sometimes even those can be left out and finished on-site if the person funding the project wanted), etc. or there is the kind of modular building that is just ready to go, it has the doors, the windows, the appliances, the wiring is all done and ready to go, its all set, you just have to get the furniture in after it’s been taken to the on-site construction. 

Those are both amazing choices for anyone who wants to do it, and they both have a lot of merit to them. You can have the bare bones of the module sent to the construction site so that you can be sure that everything is being done right, sort of a more traditional way of building, but still crazy efficient. This is so that everything can be done safely, sort of like putting the bars in properly and surely. It’s like putting a bit more emphasis on wanting to do things right. 

The other is having it all setup and ready to go, the appliances and wiring, and just everything is ready and good to go with what it needs. It’s only a matter of getting it on site, and then connecting it to everything, the power lines, the sewage, making sure it’s stuck to the ground, etc. Amazing and great to see, though we have to be honest and say that we have heard a little bit of how wiring can be knocked a little loose, some of the appliances taking a few hits in the transportation portion of the process, just thought you might want to know in case you were considering this one if you are building something. 

Lastly, there is everything in between. We talked about the two ways that modular buildings work, but we didn’t explain the in-between of those two spectrums. Simply, sometimes people want certain things built with eh module, and sometimes they want things done at the construction site. 

We’ve heard of a ton of configurations and different ways things were done with their way of doing things. See, some people wanted the roof specifically done at the construction site, so they didn’t put it on at the factory, sometimes they wanted the wiring done at the factory, but they didn’t want any of the plumbing done there, and instead at the construction site, etc. 

There is a lot of in-between with this sort of thing, and it is completely up to whoever is having the construction done. In whatever configuration they want to be done, they are still being incredibly smart with their time as they are saving so much of it using the modular building

The Comparison Between Modular Building and Traditional Construction 

So, we’ve explained everything that you are going to need to know to keep up with this bit easily. For a little bit of fun, we are going to be doing a really quick comparison between modular building and traditional construction. This way you can see there is a stark difference in how these two things work, and function with their efficiency. 

So, the construction starts with both now. Let’s start with traditional construction. Traditional construction makes the plans of what they want and gets to work with the groundwork, setting up the land to begin constructing on it. Modular planning in the meantime makes their plans, and starts on their ground work, setting it up for the modules to be placed on the land. At the same time, they are doing that, they start construction on the first few modules, getting those ready and built.

After both variations finish this they both start on the foundation, that way both of them stay safe and efficient in their work. After that’s both done for the both of them, they begin their construction. The traditional construction starts with their building, setting the walls up and everything, doing great work. Modular buildings transport their finished blocks and put them together. 

Traditional construction has barely put up the walls before the modular building finishes. To be fair though, let’s assume that the modular building has had nothing put into it, it’s just a box, so a construction team has to go put the flooring in, but the wiring in, the plumbing, the appliances. 

So, the traditional construction has just put the finishing touch on their walls, before the modular building finishes with their plumbing, just got the appliances and doors left. As the traditional construction just starts to begin there roof, the modular building has finished with the prefabricated buildings. The traditional construction still has to finish that roof, put in everything that the modular building just did, wiring, flooring, plumbing, appliances, etc. You can see how we believe the modular building is superior, if you don’t believe us then you can go look at the tons of evidence compiled all over the world that agrees with us.