Best Vacation Spots in Michigan

Michigan vacation

Many times when people consider taking a fun vacation to the North American continent, they think of Las Vegas, Miami, or Los Angeles; however, the state of Michigan in the United States can be a great tourist destination for all types of vacations. You will be able to know from great landscapes with impressive lakes to the best casinos that exist.

These are some destinations that you can enjoy in your Michigan Vacation.

1. Mackinac island

It is one of the largest tourist getaways in Michigan. The island has wonderful Victorian houses and churches and dozens of gardens with colorful plants and is maintained in this way throughout the year.

It has a very calm air and is always impeccable. The island, which has about 8 miles of coastline and an area of 3.8 square miles, is free of motor vehicles; the only modes of transportation allowed on the island include horse-drawn carriage and bicycles.

Mackinac Island offers a lot of tourist attractions, just like the island’s famous festival, the “Lilac Festival.” This place is also an attractive place to have weddings, go on a honeymoon or simply go on a family vacation. Among all the hotels and lodging houses that the place has, there are more than 1,300 rooms available for tourists.

Other attractions of the island are Mackinac Island’s fortress, the museum of butterflies, the stone arch, which is a hole in a rock high up in the lake which was made naturally. Besides, it has several candy stores where they prepare chocolate fudge very popular in the area. Likewise, the island is home to dozens of restaurants, bars, shops, and recreation areas to help visitors stay more relaxing. Lovers of water sports such as kayaking, sailing competitions, among others, also come to the island.

The best time to visit this site is in summer. You need to travel by sea for 10 to 15 minutes, either in a private boat or in some of the ferry companies that offer transfers during the summer.

For its part, the Mackinac Bridge, with its 26,372 feet in length and a suspension of 8,614 feet, is the third-longest suspension bridge in America and the longest in the country’s Midwest. The bridge crossing the Strait of Mackinac in the Great Lakes (Lake Michigan and Lake Huron) constitutes a real attraction for the thousands of tourists who do not resist taking a photo from some of the viewpoints towards the bridge, both in the city of Mackinac and the city of Saint Ignace located at the other end of the bridge in a south-north direction.

2. Dearborn

The Henry Ford is one of Michigan’s best-loved tourist attractions. Located in Dearborn, Michigan, the Henry Ford is home to several attractions. This museum is perfect for any automobile enthusiast, as it shows the history of Ford Motor Company, plus it has various exhibition that are related to a great part of the American history.

The main property of Henry Ford (Greenfield Village) is also located here. Many tourists like to go there with the intention of seeing a carousel dating from 1913, or also for taking a nice ride aboard the 1931 Ford AA bus, Greenfield Village, which could be translated as taking a step back in time to travel imaginatively with the whole family and discover the beginnings of the Henry Ford house.

3. Frankenmuth

Michigan-Frankenmuth is often referred to as “Michigan’s Little Bavaria,” and for a good reason. Originally founded by German missionaries, Frankenmuth proudly celebrates its German heritage.

One of the greatest touristic attractions that you can find in this place is the number of festivals and celebrations that are held each year, which is why a great number of tourists go there. There is actually an estimated of more than two million of annual visitors that go each year to this place. Being a place originally founded by German missionaries, Frankenmuth has focused on celebrating its origins with festivals like the Frankenmuth Bavarian Festival and, of course, Oktoberfest. Besides, they hold a beer exhibition where people from around the globe can participate.

They even host pet festivals like the Dog Bowl, considered one of the largest Olympic dog events in the USA.

One of the best ways to start the day is by having a good breakfast in their bakeries, which always have fresh food, such as croissants and muffins. From Main Street, you can see how picturesque the city is and take lots of beautiful photos.

Frankenmuth is also recognized for offering family dinners, like Thanksgiving, in the most distinguished restaurants. After a good lunch, the best idea is to visit the River Place Mall. The aesthetics of its facade is beautiful and does not lose the German essence, in this place you can find several stores where you can buy gifts for all those you love.

This wonderful tourist spot is acclaimed for its old brewery, which has been active since 1862. Beer lovers will be fascinated by this place and will have the opportunity to dine under the stars overlooking the Cass River.

If you are a person who loves Christmas, you cannot miss visiting Bronner’s Christmas Wonderland, a great store of Christmas decorations, clothes, and even costumes that has been active since 1945.

If you plan to travel in summer, you will be able to delight yourself with the colors of the flowers that adorn the city. One of the most wonderful architectural attractions is the Franconian aesthetic, which can be seen throughout much of the city.

4. Grand Rapids

You can find Grand Rapids in the lower western part Michigan. This was also the childhood home of Gerald Ford. Ford was one of the United States Presidents.

There you can find some really popular tourist attractions such as:

Frederik Meijer Gardens and Sculpture Park

Frederik Meijer Gardens and Sculpture Park offers beautiful gardens that you could really enjoy throughout the whole year, both indoors and outdoors. You will find a huge number of flowers displayed there no matter what season, also the green areas have different styles and gardening techniques.

Outdoors you can see various sculptures with which you can take beautiful photos with an identifiable natural background, full of waterways and trees.

In the case of the sculptures found in the internal gallery, they are made of bronze and were made by great international artists.

Meyer May House

Meyer May House is a beautiful old house that was original constructed in 1908; it is definitely one of the most important historical monuments in Grand Rapids. Despite the years, they have managed to keep it as it was originally built.

It is currently open to all tourists who wish to take a tour of its interior. Among its most impressive features are its beautiful windows, which are a total of 108. Besides, tourists will be able to see a tape of the monument’s history, from its construction to what it is today.

Gerald R. Ford Presidential Museum

In this museum, tourists can learn much more about what life was like, Gerald R Ford. There are large collections that include various items that belonged to the former president in his infancy and as a college student, such as the uniform he wore when he was on the football team at his university.

There are other sections where all the information about his career as president and politics, in general, is exhibited, such as the various items used for his campaign in the 70s for the presidency, and all those obtained during his tenure.

Grand Rapids Children’s Museum

Because the kids deserves having too their best Michigan vacation experience, this is the ideal place for them to know more about the world, exploring, and, of course, play. “Little Grand Rapids” is actually a really popular area, where children can play at being adults in their small town, including banks, supermarkets, hospitals, and even mechanics.

Besides, there are areas for the little ones in the house to have fun, such as the bubble room or a Lego themed room. There you can also find a space inside there where they can express themselves and make all the noise and mess that they want to while playing with various musical instruments.

On a daily basis, Grand Rapids Children’s Museum is in charge of creating activity programs, which could include recreation, storytelling for children, plays, and more.

5. Detroit

Although many do not consider Detroit as a tourist destination, the truth is that it has many attractions for all those who visit it.

It has from casinos to a large number of restaurants to enjoy the best flavors of the city. The Champ de Mars, located in Detroit’s heart, offers outdoor ice skating in the center of the city. In addition to presentations in theaters where many performances and exhibited theatrical works are shown. On the other hand, Detroit’s nightlife in Michigan is second to none.

Fox Theatre

Fox Theatre is unique. It does not matter if you are not a fan of theatrical art; it is more than sure that you will enjoy it. This magnificent theater was built in 1928. At the time when it was constructed, was one of the biggest cinemas in the country, and also one of the most luxurious. Even now, it not only impresses with its unique architectural style but also with its exquisite interior decoration. The old cinema will enchant with its surroundings that include: luxurious wood carving, a variety of fine fabrics, exquisite antique furniture, and a variety of works of art. Now, theatrical performances and concerts are often held there.

Luxury skyscrapers

One of the most outstanding characteristics of Detroit is the beautiful, luxurious, and modern skyscrapers. In this city’s heart, there is a beautiful complex, quite tall, called the Renaissance Center. From the highest floors, you can see all the great lakes that exist, and when the day is clear, you can get to see Canada’s outskirts.

Belle isle

Belle Isle an island located in the Detroit River. It is approximately three miles long and more than one mile wide. Tourists delight in marvelous landscapes, impressive parks and can also visit the sports facilities they have.

The Anna Scripps Whitcomb Conservatory is one of the most visited tourist attractions, thanks to the fact that it is very old and includes various plants for lovers of botany. Besides, it has a museum called Dossin Great Lakes, which exhibits an endless number of boats, all of the different models, in addition to having numerous models of boats and other large exhibits that tell the history of the place.

Other more exciting attractions include a zoo called Belle Isle Nature, where tourists have the opportunity to feed the deer. There are many recreational activities of all kinds, such as the giant slide park, bicycle rental to explore the place, and many trails to get lost in nature’s greatness.

Detroit Public Library

Detroit Public library was inaugurated in 1865. At first, it had a collection of up to 5,000 books and was located in the Capitol High School. However, 56 years later, the library was moved to its present location.

Tourists love this building because of its impressive architecture, which when we were there they had a crane service near me which kind of spoiled the view. Visitors can take a tour, completely free, for one hour, to explore all the art and its history. Currently, the main library has 10 departments inside and 23 branches.

You will have an incomparable time on your Michigan vacation

If you want to have a special and unforgettable vacation, without a doubt, the state of Michigan is your best option. The state of the great lakes has a great natural wealth with excellent places to relax during free days, and that contrasts perfectly with its large cities.

Many tourist sites throughout the geography of Michigan are worth visiting, no matter what type of vacation you prefer, since here you can find:

  • Historical museums of all kinds
  • Exhibits for adults and children
  • Natural parks
  • Huge lakes
  • Unique theaters
  • Landscapes that will take your breath away
  • And of course, vibrant city life

In your Michigan Vacation, you will have a great time, and you will arrive home with renewed energy but wanting to repeat this adventure.