What are the Latest Trends in Food Service Design?

food service design trends

The food service industry has become extremely competitive nowadays. No matter where your restaurant might be located, there will always be competition for the top position. In order to move past the competition and sit on the throne of the industry, you need to know and implement the latest trends in the food service design scene.

You might be wondering, what are the latest trends in the industry that I can adapt to make my restaurant or company top of the line and better than the rest of them? Well, that’s why we’re here for you. In this article, we’re going to talk about what kinds of different sectors exist in the business and which trends are the best for gaining audience and consumers for your own restaurant or dining spaces. So, make sure you read until the end of this article.

What is food service design?

Before we talk about the different latest trends of food service design, let’s take a brief look at what qualifies as good design in this business. As we know any company or organization which deals with food preparation and distribution is known as a food service company, the design refers to the overall interior and conceptual design of the restaurant. Every large element to the smallest, most subtle details regarding the restaurant comes into food service design or more specifically restaurant design.

In order to give you an idea of what elements fall into a great design for the food industry, here’s a list that we’ve prepared.

· Lighting

· Entrance Design

· Equipment

· Theme

· Delivery Services

· Menus

· Flooring

If you implement the trendiest and compatible designs for these elements, you’re surely going to be able to target the right audience and achieve success in the industry.

Latest Trends in Food Service Design

Trends attract consumers. If you want your organization to attract customers and gain popularity, the best way to do so is to follow the latest trends in food service design. We’ve divided trends in design into four which all have their own popularity nowadays in the general public.

1. Interior Design Trends

2. Latest Trends in Serving Food

3. Equipment Trends

4. Social Media Trends

Let’s talk about each of the design trends individually, so you can implement these trends in your own restaurants to gain more audience and become successful in the food service industry.

Interior Design Trends

The visual and physical ambiance of a restaurant is what defines it. If you’re looking to make waves in the food service industry, your interior design game needs to be up to the mark. Nowadays, a few design trends have become quite popular, here are some of them that you can implement in your restaurant.

Warm Lighting

Customers tend to feel more comfortable in restaurants and eateries where the lighting is visually aesthetic and warm. The lighting needs to be balanced, not overused or underused. The color of the lighting needs to be warmer. Because warmer lighting compliments all kinds of colored themes in restaurants.

We’ve seen many times that customers dislike it when they aren’t able to properly take pictures and have fun with friends and family because of bad lighting. That’s why warm lighting has become one of the latest trends in food service design and you should try adopting it.

All occasion sitting

Another thing that is really in trend nowadays is all-occasion dining. This simply means that you target not only kids and teenagers to your restaurant but also offer fine dining experiences for business and corporate meetings and family dinners. You can use a combination of different types of seating and different styles of furniture to cater to people belonging from all walks of life. This trend has recently become really famous and that’s why it needs to be implemented whenever a restaurant owner gets the chance.

Complimentary Bars

Another top trend when it comes to interior design is a complimentary bar. It doesn’t only serve a useful purpose for drinkers but also provides a general aesthetic to the design itself. You can hire a professional designer and allot a specific space to bar construction because it is going to be extremely profitable and in tune with the recently popularized trend of having beverages and snacks together.

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Food Service Trends

These trends include trends that are common and popular nowadays in the fields of menu design and delivery methods. There are many innovative and trendy ideas being implemented in the design nowadays which consumers all over the world love and enjoy. Here are some that you can use for your own restaurants.

Vegan Menu Options

Veganism is becoming incredibly trendy nowadays. People due to their advancing empathy towards animals in the hope of making a difference and stopping animal cruelty are becoming more inclined at becoming vegans. By including vegan options that contain plant-based meals and food trends, you can increase your market to vegans in the area making your overall customer base grow incredibly fast.

Meals like the impossible burger, and vegan ice cream, and other vegan food products can easily be included in the menu. By doing so, you’re going to open your restaurants to the latest trends and get one step closer to success and popularity.

Self-Grown Produce

Restaurants are adopting this trend very excessively nowadays. The reason for this is that people usually doubt the hygiene and quality of the fresh produce and the food elements used in creating dishes. To tackle this doubt, companies ended up making their own farms and using fresh produce for their menu items which helped them gain a lot of newer customer’s trust.

That is why you should implement self-grown produce usage in your restaurants because not only will that self-grown produce assure quality to customers, it’ll also promote health and prosperity. There are different methods that you can use including roof farming or greenhouses that you can get your produce from.

Delivery through applications

Ease of access and efficient delivery has become incredibly important for restaurants and these businesses to thrive and become successful in today’s world. That’s why most successful businesses have created their own applications that are compatible with both android and IOS and offer customers the ease of ordering with a few clicks on their mobile devices. By implementing this delivery through the application trend, you can achieve a larger market for your food products and increase your followers. You can design applications that offer quick response and better interfaces so that delivery through application becomes easy for customers.

Equipment Trends

From the cooking materials that you use in the restaurant to the cutlery and the technology being used in the franchises, there are many popular equipment trends that are loved by consumers nowadays. Out of all the innovative ideas being implemented, here are some of the trends that you can use in your owned food service spaces.

Touch-based ordering screens

In order to make the ordering and takeaway services quicker and more efficient, large scale restaurant chains created a touch-based ordering screen system which can be used to order different kinds of menu items, make special requests and give instructions as well as provide meal feedbacks. Companies like McDonald’s and KFC have installed these systems in their franchises and you can take a look at them yourself.

This design trend was loved by customers and is being adopted in many restaurant chains in the world. If you can afford it, you should introduce it to your own restaurants to provide the customers with a fresh and innovative consumer experience. It could lead to your company dominating the competition and leading from the front.

Food Vending Machines

Introduced in countries like Japan and China, instant food vending machines have become incredibly popular all over the internet. There are food vending machines for instant pizzas, ramen, and all kinds of different foods. It’s incredibly fascinating, to say the least, and the fascination is what brings it into the latest food service design trends on our list.

You can take advantage of this new trend and invest in food vending machines to create an innovative and fresh environment for the customers. You’re going to see new customers flood in and increase the market of your restaurant. Another reason for using this trend is because in order to compete with your competition in the industry.

Eco-friendly Disposable Materials

Environment-friendly eating and packaging solutions have become incredibly popular over the past few decades because of the pollution and global warming our planet is going through. Not only is this a trend but also a service to humanity actually. The use of plastic cutlery and materials is extremely detrimental to the environment but also cause you to lose customer support because they think that the restaurant owners are environmentally unaware and do not care for their customers.

That is one of the main reasons you should start using eco-friendly packaging solutions as well as cutlery and remove plastic completely from your restaurants. This initiative will help your restaurant grow and become more successful in the market of environmentally aware consumers.

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Social Media Trends

One of the most important sections and restaurant popularity in today’s digital world is social media. Social media is so influential than people make almost 80% of their product and service choices with the help of reviews on the internet. There are many different trends that are popular in the food service industry that you can use on social media to gain popularity and create a consumer-friendly design for achieving industrial success.

Uploading Pictures and Videos on Instagram

The great thing about social media is that it’s a platform for marketing for free. There are no charges if you know who to target and who to cater to. Instagramming has become a trend nowadays for restaurant businesses to showcase their aesthetic food items through videos and pictures.

You can create your business account on Instagram and upload pictures and videos on the account. These videos and pictures will be visible to all the people using Instagram. You can use trendy hashtags which might lead to your posts getting viral. There have been a lot of different success stories of restaurants that got fame and built a reputation through Instagram posts and you can be one of them too.

Being Actively Involved on Facebook and Twitter

There are always different trends taking place on social media especially Facebook and Twitter. In order to gain popularity and reputation, you need to stay active on these social media websites and actively engage with your followers and post about things that are happening. People on social media always love quirky and witty business pages. You can make your own page and hire a social media management team so they can keep your business account active and aware of current happenings and trends.

Providing Discounts and Deals to Social Media Followers

The trend of social media food and restaurant groups have become recently very popular nowadays. Here people give reviews about their own experiences as well as talk about different newly opened restaurants and generate an audience for these projects.

By giving discounts and deals on these groups, you can actually gain a lot of followers and with people visiting your restaurants and leaving a good review, more and more people would want to visit your restaurant and become an active part of your community. By following this trend, you can really get to the top of the food industry.


We have discussed almost all new trends in the food business practiced all over the world. Have a look at these trends one by one and see which of these would suit your business needs and model. All these food service design trends are being followed nowadays and they’re producing incredibly beneficial results for all organizations and restaurants all across the world. If you take our advice, we suggest that you try adopting as many of these trends in your own restaurant and companies if you’re looking to win over the competition and gather a larger consumer base making your company succeed in the food business industry.