Steps to Creating an Irresistible Backend

backend deals

Have you ever noticed how tough it’s sometimes to get the attention of your prospects in your business? At some point, you’ll find yourself having difficulty getting one-on-one time with your prospects to make sure you are speaking directly to their issues and to discover what is holding them back in their business. If so, then you can dramatically improve your business by making sure that you are targeting a back end market you feel comfortable with.

A back end is the second and third products you have available to your prospects after they purchase the front-end product. The second, third, and up sell is another term for the backend profit funnel.

The nice thing about the backend market is, there is more trust there is between the customer and you.

Here is a very basic way to see just how powerful the backend is to the right customers and your business.

For instance, let’s say you sell a $20 Translation agency ebook that solves the pain of hair loss problem. You make about $20 in profits on the front end product, and then you have a backend sale to go along with it that you charge about $10 for.

They ultimately go from the initial sale and definitely feel as if they got more bang for their buck at the end of the day.

Backend profits are where it’s at, and what some of the top Internet marketers are utilizing.

To put it simply, if you have yet to create a backend profit funnel for your business model, then it’s probably time you start using it.

To get more lifeblood flowing towards your profits, you need to think about the effect of using the backend profit funnel over several months to a year when it comes to making profits.

To show you how powerful backend profits are, here’s a real life example of how easy it is to sell a profit funnel to some real people:


Let’s use a $40 ebook that shows people how to stop working so hard to keep their hairmodel Buzz hair and grow it.

Now, let’s see how you would promote this incredible ebook with backend products to make more money.

You go around to the classified websites like Craigslist and US Free Ads and you advertise in them to drive some individuals in, and then you create the buzz, and then market the affiliate backend profits to them. Advertisement is cheap for the traffic, but it is business saver because you are getting the leads for free.

The great thing about classified advertising is you can create a buzz about the product that gives you more money fast. Just imagine, now we have 4,000 targeted web visitors and we’re interested in the product, we knew something about the book, and we are proof of market demand in the resulting sales from this campaign.

Now, what if you gave the individuals two additional cost-free sales letters to the book, making the product the top selling item in your backend marketing funnel?

Imagine the power of having 5,000 customers without lifting a finger and a last marketing campaign that gets you $2,000 a month in extra income.