How to Convert Visitors Into Customers

Who wants your products? You may have come across clever websites that convert visitors into customers. You may look at their business model and wonder how on earth they have managed to triple sales in the space of a few hours. Well, it’s no magic. It is all about understanding the needs of your prospects and where you are not going wrong.

Many people approach building a web presence in the wrong way. They think that just having a website is enough. They envision the first order of business being to have lots of visitors to their website. But as we all know, it’s not just any visitor – it’s the right kind of visitor. A visitor with a problem to solve, or a visitor with an immediate need that they want solved now.

Knowing your ideal customer is very important because anybody can generate a hordes of visitors to their website, but what good are they doing for those visitors once they have hit the landing page? Most people are concerned with the amount of money they are going to make from their visitors, which makes their decisions more based on the bottom line than the situation outside the website.

So what’s the right way to approach this? What are the right questions to ask and more importantly, what questions should the visitor ask you?

Once you have a good idea of who your target audience is who will actually visit your site you need to ask yourself and answer these questions:

  1. Why do I need a website in the first place? Be honest with yourself here and tell me whether or not you originally intend to simply drive your traffic to your store or whether you plan on doing some selling directly from your site.
  2. Why is my target audience (the group of people who will visit your site) so important? What is their real need from my product?
  3. What do they want from the website, and how can I provide it? For example, someone who is looking for a pair of blue basketballs or a car appraisal may be looking for them for one of two reasons:

a. They are in need and want instantly and immediately. They need it really bad, and they need it now before it sells out!

Think about it.

  1. How can I find that “great” product in my niche? Be honest with yourself and start by asking yourself whether or not you have a list target buyers when it comes to your product; email them regularly and convince them that your product will make their lives easier more than your competitors.
  2. When I finally decide to put a site out there, who will be my target market (the people who will likely buy from me)?
  3. Why and to whom will they buy from?
  4. How can I get visibility with this market?

Attractive questions

The right answers to these questions will make the difference between business success and failure or negating your results.

Finding your answers now is paramount. How can you ask the right questions?

You’ve got lots of time tips and hints to find the answers to the questions above; all you need to do is take action and respond.