Dog Ownership – climb out of the Doghouse

Dog Ownership Tips

Finding yourself a dog is a joyful thing. Dogs become part of the family right away.urry in the most joyful time of life-that is, before you actually go to the store and buy a dog.

Owning a dog is a big responsibility. If you see yourself owning a dog for the wrong reasons, then you better rethink the idea. Dogs are not chew toys. If you haven’t seen the movie, “Lassie,” then you might want to look up some reasons why that dog wasn’t a good idea.

Are you going to let your dog be the alpha dog, or will you simply bolita shed some dogship. The fact is that you own a dog. That means, you! You! Think about it. Do you really know what “oglo!” mean when you hear it? You’re about to let him show his dog’s behavior, when he start sniffing some other dog… What do you do? The other dog is doing just as well! You let the dog be the boss, and you probably said something like, “Bring it back here, Jack!” (Oops, I meant to say bring it home, not home.)

You see, there are dog owners out there who are just so happy they owned a dog that they never thought they would own. They were not thinking that their dog would take on the alpha role in the family. Masks and acts like these are common and normal, and more alarming at times. Dogs that are spoiled, thought to be the alpha dogs in a family, will sometimes try to move up in the ranking system. This can be dangerous if the dog is overweight and needs to lose weight. Here is what you should always remember. Dogs are animals first, then friends. Second to considering the fact that you will be the boss! I don’t say this to belittle your dog; I say to take seriously the role as the alpha leader. When your dog challenges you on the ice, make sure you respond with what is called a summary shake.

You will give him a summary shake if you simply ignore him and put him outside. summary shake is a type of leash correction that most trainers use. Basically what it does is it gives him a slight jerk on the leash that gets his attention. Now if he wants to go back to playing or barking or jumping–he does so on his own terms. You do not give him a summary shake, you just walk away. He returns a minute later and you give him praise again. If he challenges again, you do the exact same exercise as before. Basically the summary shake is the alternative to the down and stay command. If you are being overly harsh with your dog he is not receiving the message you are trying to give him. It is almost a indiscretion, but it is important to make it known.

Summary shake does not mean playtime. You simply want to get his attention. If you are making great progress with your dog and he is being particularly responsive to you there may be a problem. More than likely it is time to see your vet or a dog groomer Lincoln NE, but it could be a problem with his diet. So if you are seeing some issues with your dog it may be due to his diet.

For the most part, most tinned dog food contains the entire nutrients you need. You just need to add some more. It is important to become an informed dog owner and know what really goes into your dog’s food. Then you can educate yourself and be able to select a dog food that is not only nutritionally complete but the type that will help keep your dog active and healthy for many years to come.