How to hire a Dallas DWI attorney

Dallas DWI lawyer
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In every state in the US, it is illegal to drive when you are impaired by drugs, alcohol for instance. Some states call it driving under the influence (DIU). Other states use the term Driving While Intoxicated (DWI). For example, Dallas and all of Texas uses the term Driving While Intoxicated (DWI). This paper will explore the definition of a DWI attorney and explain how you can hire a Dallas, Texas DWI attorney. The paper will use the term Driving While Intoxicated (DWI).

Who is a DWI Attorney?

A Dallas, TX DWI attorney is a lawyer who represents clients facing charges of driving while intoxicated. Different states have different set of DWI laws. A DWI attorney evaluates your case and circumstances and represents you in the best way possible. The attorney chooses the best way of responding to the charges in order to protect your interest.

The Role of a DWI Attorney in Dallas, TX

The following are the main roles and objectives of a Dallas, TX DWI attorney:

-Have the case dismissed

-Have the fine reduced

-Reduce the jail time

-Help in reaching a quicker verdict

-Can follow you up on license re-instatement.

-Follow up on record expungement

Qualities to Look Out For in a DWI Lawyer


Whereas some Dallas DWI lawyers assume that the field is not complicated, the field , in fact, is not an easy legal landscape. This is because the stakes are high because it deals with human life (driving while intoxicated can lead to an accident, which in turn, can lead to death). If someone survives, it can lead to a serious injury. The fatality rate due to accidents, in the country, is 12.4 deaths per 100, 000 people.

Gaining experience starts from having a deep knowledge in the field. These include understanding terms such as implied consent, blood alcohol concentration, drug recognition expert, and checkpoints. The Dallas lawyer should take note of fine details and micro dynamics, as they could have a far reaching implication on the discourse of the case. For example, the following group of people is easily impaired by alcohol: small people, young people, and women.

A DWI attorney in Dallas, Texas should be keen enough to identify any loopholes that can lead to a light sentence. For example, when the Dallas policeman is interrogating you, he should a legal interrogation method. If he does not, then, that is a loophole that can be exploited. There are other loopholes too if one is careful enough. You should inform your Texas lawyer as much as you can remember.

If possible, assess how many cases that a certain DWI attorney in Dallas, TX has dealt with, and how many of these had a desirable outcome. If you are living in a small town, it is not difficult to get information and track record of a certain DWI attorney. If you used an online platform to get a DWI attorney, check on the reviews on sites such as Google, Yelp, and BBB, and see how he performs in his cases. In reviews, you will note the positive attributes and the complains thereof. However, be careful with online reviews, more so the reviews which seem too good to be true- there have been a few cases of manipulating reviews in favor of the service provider.

The Cost in Dallas, Texas

Legal representation is an expensive undertaking, and few Dallas lawyers are going to be cheap. However, much as lawyers are expensive, you need to peruse through their listing to check if you can see an affordable one. There is a misconception that the higher the fees, the more experienced a Texas lawyer is. This is not necessarily true; there are some lawyers who provide a rare combination of a solid litigation experience yet affordable. In connection to this, check if the Dallas attorney in question offers free consultation. If he or she does, then it is time to evaluate his cost against the experience noted. In addition to that, your lawyer will challenge some aspects of the charge, blood test for instance.

According to Thervo, an online platform where one can get professionals for various services, a DWI lawyer will cost you, at the plea stage, an average of $ 750 to $ 1500. If the case goes to trial, the cost is, on average, $ 1500 to $ 7000. An extreme case will cost as much as $ 10, 000 though this is rare. The national average cost for a DWI lawyer is $ 1900. Do note that you can get a DWI lawyer with as little as $ 700. Your lawyer may instruct you to pay per hour or an entire case (otherwise known as a flat rate). The cost that you incur, also, depends on your status as a first time offender, or otherwise. The Texas courts is more lenient on a first time offender. All in all, a good lawyer should give you a rough estimate of how much will cost; you will use this information to evaluate if you can afford him or her.

Where to Get a Dallas, Texas DWI Lawyer

Perhaps, the most trustworthy method of getting a DWI is through referral from friends and relatives. The history of word of mouth is a history of reliability and a personal experience. Most Texas lawyers take client management seriously, and would not want to compromise their reputation. You can contact family and friends on pertinent questions about the experience with a certain legal professional.

An online directory is another platform for seeking a competent DWI lawyer in Dallas, TX. For example, FindLaw is a popular online directory for online users seeking legal professionals. Its data and information segmentation is based on various variables and parameters including location, counties, top metros, and by state. If you do not find what you are looking for in the online directory, you are at liberty to use the search option. Whatever the case, take information with a grain of salt, and make a further search on your narrowed down option. The internet is a vast ocean and carries the good, the bad, and the ugly.

If you call or write to the Texas bar association, you can be provided with a directory of lawyers available in your locality. Better still, you can visit the state bar association office for information on the same. Another method that you can use is to contact any lawyer you know, and ask him or her for a referral about a competent DWI lawyer in Dallas.


Whatever the challenges of a DWI attorney Dallas TX, the cost for instance, you need one. Representing yourself for such a case will warrant a steep learning curve, and this is not an easy thing to do. Simply put, you do not have the education and experience to navigate around the Texas courts for charges on drinking while intoxicated.