What to Listen for in Your Sales Prospects to Help You Close the Sale

better sales presentation

In every business handling sales to potential clients, the key to successful sales is to listen more than you talk. The fact is, when you listen you can often tell more about what your prospects actual needs are.

If you are selling to corporations, you need to listen carefully to your buying prospects questions, statements, concerns and objections. You could even exaggerate and tell them what their future potential needs will be.

But beware! You need to really listen to your clients! Because they just might tell you what we can’t tell them.

The great thing is you can often tell more in a sales interview with your prospects that you didn’t even know you could!! Listen carefully for their body language! If you know what their body language does (for example, they walk away, they stand up, they look around to make sure no one is watching, etc) you can automatically adjust your sales presentation and your sales mentality.

We all need to learn to adjust our self-esteem in sales and sales training to become better in our sales strategies. We have to be able to convince ourselves that in every endeavor, we’re going to win. Give your clients the respect they deserve. Remember, how they personally feel about us determines how we will be perceived by others. If you present your sales prospect clients with respect and verifying your own worth with the proper validation you will teach them a valuable skill they will retain for life. What could be better than that?

Certain words and phrases can be very the magnet to walk-out a potential client. For example: “You need to do that?” or “Are you sure?” get them to the door, stop tempting them and not only get them out of the door but you have also just closed them off from whatever your prospect needs to do. Just be careful when you do this because when you use certain phrases, you might be too much of a yes man or waster to close the sale. So integrity is an important element in sales and you may want to reflect on whether you are trying to make a friend or have a sales opportunity!

Learn the art of asking questions; you can learn more by asking than you can asking, but one aspect of asking questions is asking questions that will make your client doubt themselves. Many new business owners have to employ this to be successful and have you ever seen those Diesel Generators infomercials on TV? They ask you all kinds of ridiculous questions, “Does the iPhone work?” or “Does this movie get you excited to buy the DVR?”

In my experience the typical response from small business owners is “Why should I Hire You?” Think about this question! They are asking their prospect a question that they will NEVER get an answer to. So if you are asking you’re your questions off the cuff you will start getting extremely little useful information. My counsel is to use an open-ended question that will pose a difficult question but one that your prospect can have to say “YES” to. For example: “Do you want to make your relationship stronger…?HINT: This is an open-ended question. I could have said something like, “Can you think about working with your long lost uncle Mativities’ family again?”

Please remember to take your best shot at asking the questions, but always go into your sales presentation with a question that will get a “YES” your prospect. Use questions wisely and only after you’ve made a thorough study of your prospects needs.