Top News for Seattle, WA for 2020

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Lest we forget, the year 2020 was a heated one with the pandemic at the center. This roundup will take stock of the Seattle news that made headlines – politics, science, culture, etc. Here is a recap of what happened in the last 12 months.

Covid 19

Early March, Seattle became a living laboratory of the US for Corona Virus response. As the local scientists worked day and night trying to find a vaccine, the cases became more. Things got worse as the response started touching every part of their daily life. A few weeks after the first case, sweeping changes arrived at an imaginable pace – from bans of social gathering to the closure of restaurants.

As more cases were reported in Seattle news desks, the government became strict on public movement. People were asked to stay indoors to try and contain the pandemic. And when the cases rose at an alarming rate, there were supply shortfalls of PPEs.

When the virus settled in, Seattle hospitals tightened controls. Some of the facilities stretched to the limit. The mass testing also began in the early cases of the pandemic.

Outbreaks in prisons and failed attempts to release

One underappreciated aspect of the pandemic is how easily it could spread in the prisons. When the cases kept rising, activists lodged petitions seeking the release of thousands of prisoners. But the petitions were declined by the state’s highest court. This is something that was highlighted in most Seattle news headlines.

According to chief justice Debra Stephens, the group that represented inmates didn’t show the state that there was a risk of COVID-19 at the department of correction facilities. But then, there was an argument after the court heard the first-of-its-kind oral hearing.

After another petition was filed, the justice ordered all inmates over 50 years and those nearing 18 months to their release be set free. The activist proved to the jury that Washington was violating the constitution by failing to protect the inmates.

Tenants demand more relief

Protestors went in front of the house of Villette Nolon (nonprofit’s CEO) and asked for rental relief. One of the protestors stated that he was paying more than 70% of his income on rent. With such cases, it was clear that the pandemic had made the life of tenants difficult.

CEO Villette Nolon spoke to Seattle news media houses through a phone interview and stated that some landlords had started to evict tenants because of lack of rent. He further stated that he wanted an open dialogue with the housing board to settle the matter.

Image Housing had a lot of cash in its reserve, so it could use it to forgive residents for families. It’s also in their best interest to wave rent to vulnerable tenants.

Year of the voter

One of the hot topics for the Seattle residents was voting by mail – a method Washingtonians have been using since 2011. While most people were for Donald Trump, the college votes went on the side of Joe Biden. Since the evergreen state has been solidly for blue, many were surprised with Joe Biden’s landslide win.

Also, the democrats failed to win more seats in the legislature. But then again, the black group prevailed.

Some of the Seattle news highlighted by the media is that black women made historic gains. Twina Nobles became the first black senator in Washington. Keep in mind that he’s the second woman to serve in the chamber.

Seattle also got three other black women:

  • April berg
  • Jamila Tylor
  • Kirsten Harris- Talley

According to Bernard dean, the House Chief Clerk, only five women have been serving the house simultaneously.

November elections left more controversy

After all the votes were tallied, Jay Inslee (incumbent governor) had defeated the challenger with over 500,000 votes. But instead of Loren Culp accepting the results, he filed a lawsuit in King County Superior Court. He further demanded the auditing of:

  • Ballot papers
  • Voting machines
  • General Results

Thankfully, the Seattle news journalists highlighted the story, and the secretary of state dismissed the claims. Of course, Culp’s claims were unfounded that there were more than 800,000 eligible voters.

Human Remains in West Seattle Identified

On June 19th, homicide detectives identified bags containing two bodies. They also discovered a suitcase that was floating in the water. The County Commissioner stated that the two bodies were of 27-year old Austin Wenner and a 35-year old Jessica Lewis. According to the information provided to Seattle news desks, both cases were ruled as homicides. While the two cases were related to investigations in the Puget Sound area, they were not conclusive.

Federal Way Man Charged for Killing man at the bus stop

Jonathan Cleo (41) was accused of killing another man at the Seattle bus top. He was charged with first-degree murder, and by the time the Seattle news hit the headlines, he was being held on $1 million in bail. The witnesses stated that there was a heated argument between the two that led to the shooting.

The County medical examiner released a report that stated the death occurred because the victim was shot three times. One of the bullets went straight to the heart. But after the heinous act, the man left the scene.

According to the information captured by the cameras, both men were sitting at the rear of a sparsely occupied bus. But after disembarking the bus, Webb pointed his gun to Cleo and shot him dead. At the time of writing the news, Web claimed that he acted in self-defense. The charging documents stated that the way the defendant acted as a risk to public safety.

Black lives matter

When the death of George Floyd was highlighted by Seattle news journalists, it sparked mass demonstrations. Seattle was the epicenter of protests that 1Black lives matter’. You could see thousands of people match in the streets. Also, thousands of Washingtonians tried to identify racism within democratic groups. Some could even call their hair discrimination.

Most Seattle news media houses stated that the discussion on policing revolved around BLM. There were many questions about how Seattle police handle public safety.

Seattle Police Chief Announces retirement

A day after the council proposed cuts in the police department, the Seattle news that hit the headlines was that the police chief had announced her retirement in September.

Carmen decided to leave the force after 28 years, out of which two years she was at the help of the department. Her announcement came a day after the council decided to approve the initial cuts.

The Seattle news broke Monday night after announcing to her department that she’d retire. Her position was to be replaced by Adrian Diaz, the chief deputy. After several interviews with Seattle news media houses, she revealed that her decision was linked to the cut pay.

Following a recent pay cup that was suggested by the police department, it was clear that Carmen would be the least paid police in the executive police pocketing about $275,000 annually.

According to the Seattle News, about 400 police officers earned $200,000, with the median gross pay standing at $153,000 pa.

Boeing to end 787 Dreamliner production

In September 2020, Boing failed to comment on a statement that they wanted to move to South Carolina. But the report that reached Seattle news headlines is that they wanted to end the production of Boing 787 in Washington. This statement angered most leaders as most people will lose their jobs.

In an interview with Seattle news media houses, the Boeing spokesperson said that the company was looking for the most efficient way to build airplanes. In his response, Governor Jay stated that that was a disappointing decision that will lender thousands jobless. He further stated that the move was unprecedented even after the company received millions of tax breaks since 2013.

At the beginning of the year, the Everest campus employed about 35,000 employees that would become jobless. To some extent, it was understandable that the company had to lay off some workers following the covid-19 pandemic. The spokesman further emphasized that this was an effort to create a vacuum as the plant would continue manufacturing:

  • KC-46 Pegasus
  • 747
  • 767 series

Massive Wildfires incinerated Washington

On 8th September, massive wildfires incinerated Washington due to human negligence. It’s believed the fire spread fast because of the strong winds. According to the information collected by Seattle News journalists, the smoke was billowing over the cascades to Snoqualmie valley.

On one day, it was estimated that about 300,000 acres were consumed. This included a small town on the eastern side of Washington. After this massive destruction, the department of natural resources stated that all lands were closed for recreational activities only. It took about three days to contain the fire, but some firefighting aircrafts had to be brought to the ground.

A girl dies trying to help the mother during a seizure

As her mother was driving Southeast in Kent, a 12-year old Miranda jumped to help the mother, who was driving in front of them. Unfortunately, the mother drove forward and pinned the daughter between the two vehicles. Unfortunately, the girl died at the scene after sustaining serious injuries.

Miranda has rushed to help the mother was believed to be unconscious in the car. But she met her demise as he made the attempts. Those who knew her described her heart as gold.

The passing of Sex Education Referendum 90

According to the secretary of state website, the reports that reached Seattle news houses is that referendum 90 had over 59 percent of voters saying yes. The bill required that all schools in the state teach comprehensive sex education. Also, any public school can choose a curriculum from the developed list as long as it complies with SB 5395 requirements.

Most of the interviews conducted at Seattle news media houses heightened one thing. Districts can choose supplemental curriculum for grades 6, 8, and 9. Most interestingly, the bill allows parents to review the curriculum and doesn’t force the students to go through it. This means that any parent who doesn’t want the child to go through the curriculum is free to do so.

The hospitals get full in Washington

While Hospitals in Seattle are trending in the right direction, there’s too much that needed to be done. As the vaccine rolled out to the health workers, the Coronavirus cases continued to record a new high. The information that reached Seattle news bulletins in December showed that at least 100,000 Americans have Coronavirus cases.

In Washington, about 19.9% of ICU beds were occupied but the health department wants to have less than 10% occupancy of ICU beds. Another thing that was missing at this time is having less than 80% of beds filled.

Still, the department of health and human sciences a capacity that was less than the one offered at the facility level. At the time the Seattle news was released, King County and Pierce County led in the number of occupancy of ICU beds.

Proposal for green WA electric grid

Not long ago, the power used to be pretty simple for utility companies. But the pressure of using electric vehicles is quickly pushing the grid to evolve. Utility vehicles are also grappling with the best way to boost efficiency.

For the better part of 2020, the Seattle news media houses highlighted a story of how the legislature passed the Clean Energy Legislation act with the help of Washington Coaching Mindset . This means that powerhouses won’t be allowed to use energy that is emitted by greenhouses.

However, for the proposed plan to work, new infrastructure, and regulations must be created quickly. It also means that people have to install their solar panels to pack power. This paradigm shift changes the relationship between customers and utilities.

Another area of concern is connectivity. It’s believed that it will take longer on the connectivity as it requires more planning. The team is also trying to figure out how to create a system that allows customers to support the grid.

The other challenge is to figure out how people will be using power. According to Washington State of commerce, about half of its power for the last year has been hydro-power. You can look at this from another angle. It’s estimated that 106 million MWh was produced in 2019. Out of that 91 million were sold. Do you get the picture?

While Washington gets most of its energy from dams, it’s looking for ways to give the environment some justice by drafting new plans for green energy.

Now you know everything that happened in the last 12 months.

History of Marquette, MI

Marquette, MI

Marquette is a city in Michigan with a population of over 20,000. It is one of the best places to reside in Michigan. It offers its residents a suburban consistency, and most of them rent their homes.

The area has lots of pubs, parks, and historical museums. Statistics also show that most young professionals seek residence in Marquette, and its occupancy is conservative. It’s the home of Marquette University and Marquette university high school.

Geographically Marquette is situated at the shores of Lake Superior. The Marquette charter township partly encircles it. However, the two are separately overseen.

The Marquette history

Marquette history dates back to 1849. It’s said to have been found by Amos Harlow and Peter White, an iron explorer dealing in the fabrication of rebars. It was formerly known as Worcester, similar to Harlow’s hometown. It adopted the name Marquette in 1850.

Later, it was named after the Frenchman Jacques Marquette. He contacted great mass at the coasts of Lake Superior in 1671. As a consequence, the areas surrounding Lake Superior were named after him.

Marquette is credited to have found the first staying place for Europeans in sault Ste. Marie Michigan. As a cause of the Michigan and Ohio Toledo war, Marquette and the Upper Peninsula were absorbed by Michigan.

Marquette history on iron

The earliest Marquette history rotates around the discovery of iron. The discovery was made in the Upper Peninsula by William Burt in 1854. The iron ore has caused development in the entire Marquette city. Since 1854 transport ways for moving iron have been developed. Transport systems started after three years after the iron discovery. The creation of the mountain railroad marked it.

Considering the 17th century Marquette history, the village vicinity was well recognized by French missionaries. It also came to the attention of trappers in the late 18 century. However, it never developed until the discovery of iron in 1844. When William BurtJacob Houghton, and Douglass Houghton realized iron, they subsequently started mining.

The trio, in 1845, created the Jackson mining syndicate. The event marked the creation of the region’s first mining company in Marquette history.

The growth of Marquette village

Marquette history has it that the village started growing on September 14 in the year 1849. The second iron alarm orchestrated growth activities after the creation of the Marquette iron company.

The syndicate was created by Robert Graveraet after prospecting the area for the ore. Financial aid was from Edward clerk, an agent Worcester, Massachusetts Waterman Fisher, and Rodger Harlow.

After Marquette naming and renaming, Peter White opened a second post office in October 1851 October. Later on, in 1852, Harlow closed his first post office, leading to the Marquette iron company’s failure.

The Cleveland Company then succeeded it. After being successful for two years, it had the village platted. The plat records were documented by Peter white. His office was later named Marquette in April 1856. The village, in 1859, was incorporated as a mining town; again, in 1871, it was incorporated as a city

Iron economy, population, and military base

In the 1850s, due to the great mine sites, Marquette had to be connected by rail. It took the lead as a shipping zone of the Upper Peninsula. It had its 1st ore pocket dock in 1859 created by the Cleveland Company. As of 1862, Marquette had more than 1,600 residents with a robust economy.

In the late 19th century, as iron rose to prominence, Marquette history changed as the town became the nation’s seasonal port. It attracted visitors from all over, bringing them in through steamships. Consequently, businesses flourished, and hence growth.

During the cold war, the city’s Southside Sawyer Air Force Base served as a vital air force installation. It housed the B-52H bombs and KC-135 tankers. It also hosted the fighter-interceptor troop.

After the cold war ended, the air force base was closed. It later became the sawyer global airport. As of today, Marquette is still the port for hematite ores. It’s still rich in iron ore pellets, full of mines as well as pelletizing plants. The net weight of pelletized from Marquette is about 7 million gross tons.

marquette lumber history

Marquette history on lumbering

According to Marquette history, they were thriving of lumbering activities led to the creation of the Marquette lumbering syndicate. Its purpose was to manage assets. James Ludington, a lumbering mogul, owned it. Marquette history credits the company as the fundamental reason for promoting lumbering within the area. It supplied lumber to the iron industry and a thousand other homes.

Marquette history on Education

· Marquette university

Marquette history shows that the university was realized 140 years ago on August 28, 1881, by John Martin. By then, it was the Marquette college. Its priority was to provide a budget-friendly college education. Marquette history on academics offered its first Bachelor of Arts degree in 1887 to five students. By 1906 the college had awarded 186 Bachelor of Arts degrees with 38 masters. It also had one graduate with a Bachelor of Science.

· Marquette university

It officially became a university in late 1906, soon after being affiliated with the medical school. For that reason, it moved to Johnston hall, its current location. The educational Marquette history also unravels the incorporation of Wisconsin medical school in the early 1900s. Due to financial constraints, they were separated in around 1963.

Still, on Marquette history, the university introduced professional programs between 1907 and 1910. Further Marquette history in the university changed in 1909 after they started the admission of women

According to Marquette history, the university led to the university high school’s growth. Moreover, the university is currently offering a variety of courses.

st. peter cathedral marquette michigan

Marquette history on the church

The Marquette history for church starts from as early as the 17 century. The Frenchman Jacques Marquette introduced church culture. Today it has a significant Roman Catholic cathedral as its diocese center. The St. Peter Cathedral is also the resting home of Bishop Frederic Baraga. The church has also played the role of funding the Marquette college in the early 1840s.

Geography and climate

a) Geography

Regarding the U.S. Census Bureau data, Marquette sits on 50.38 km2. The 29.50 kmbeing land while the 20.88kmcomprises water. Marquette has various small islands, such as picnic rocks, the lovers’ island, and the middle island. Both of the islands are housed by Lake Superior.

The city features the Marquette Mountain. Basing on Marquette history, the mountain is prominent for its skiing activities starting from the 19th century. It also houses the Marquette Branch Prison of the Michigan state.

At Marquette west sits the Trowbridge Park. Again, at its south, there is the Sands Township. And as you go to the northwest side, you will realize the Marquette Township.

b) Climate

Speaking of climate, Marquette experiences four seasons. The weather is typically humid continental. The four seasons are curbed by Lake Superior, which is located in the green Hardiness zone.

Marquette history has drafted down long winter experiences that grow cold in January (−7.3 �C). The hardiness zone temperatures are slightly warmer than the inland zones of similar latitude. Warmth is brought by the discharge of heat from the lake.

Averagely there are 11.6 days per year in which temperatures go up to −18 �C. There are also 73 days with a maximum or below ideal point. The days are generally between metrological winters from December to February.

1. Snowfall during winter and cold

Since Marquette is situated in the Snowbelt zone, it gets big snowfalls during winter. The significant snowfall is habitually caused by lake-effect snow. Because Lake Superior barely freezes entirely, the lake effect lingers throughout the season.

For this reason, Marquette becomes the third snowiest city in the U.S. according to National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, its snowfall per year is averagely 3.79 meters. During winter, the snowfall usually exceeds 0.25 meters.

Marquette is a state with intense snowfalls featuring a population of over 20,000. As temperatures remain abated during winter, dry air is inhibited by the great lakes.

2. Warm seasons

Marquette historical data shows that the town is naturally warmer, starting from July to August. Its temperature goes up to 19.2 �C depicting a seasonal lag. The vicinity lakes absorb summer heat. For this reason, it’s hard for temperatures to rise to 32.2 �C.

The intermediate seasons (spring and fall) are usually mild yet highly variable. It’s due to the fluctuation of quick-moving air masses. The spring is somehow cooler compared to fall. Its coolness is brought by the surrounding lake since they take longer to warm. During the fall, it releases heat to warm up the area.

3. Precipitation

Marquette averagely gets 737 mm annual precipitation. It is legally distributed towards the year. However, January and February are the driest, while October and September are wet.

The typical morning freezes debut is October 25 up to May 7. The highest temperature in Marquette history was 42 �C in 1901. On the other hand, the lowest ever recorded was −36 �C in 1861.

The average hours of sunshine within a year are 2,294. Sufficed to say, it gets 51% sunshine starting from low as 29 percent in December. It then goes up to 68 % in July.

In Marquette history, there have always been procedures of adapting to climatic changes. The most common acts are the coastline restorations. Chattels owners are also supposed to uphold riparian buffers of natural plants from end to end of waterways. The county task force has a guide book in line with Michigan’s university for landscaping. The guide is to help in the abatement of habitat for ticks carrying diseases. There is also the federally funded stormwater drain development. Its sole purpose is to route runoff water in to restore wetlands.

Types of recreational facilities in Marquette

· The Presque Isle Park at Lake Superior

Marquette has various parks as well as recreational spots. The Presque Isle Park is one of the most famous parks in the city’s north. It sits in 323 acres of typically forested lands near Lake Superior.

Marquette history accolades Frederick Law Olmsted for specially designing the park. He’s also credited for designing New York’s central park. Amenities compromise wooden bandshell for performances, gazebos, and skiing grounds. It also features playgrounds and barbecue pits.

· Beaches

Marquette has two renowned beaches, the McCarty’s cove and the beach park in the south. The McCarty’s cove is edged by the U.S. shore sentinel post lighthouse at its south seashore. It provides exculpation from hot midsummer days.

It is an ideal place for staying during harsh temperatures since the sea provides a breeze. All the two beaches have dining al fresco spots, lifeguard stands, and kids playing grounds. Marquette also features Williams park, the pocket park, street park, and Mattson lower park.

4. The magnificent dome

There are multiple recreational spots within Marquette. The Lakeview field is renowned for its ice hockey for ice hockey amenity. It also hosts numerous public events.

On its outside, there are skateboard grounds, normally open in the summertime. The Lakeview arena was the home to Marquette history Electricians and the redmen hockey club. In 1974 the dome changed the Palestra, which was found a few meters from the theater.

On its northern side, there is the Gerard Haley celebratory baseball arena of the Marquette blues. The reds field is also located on the north side, along with large league fields.

Marquette city houses the world’s largest dome, the grand dome, or the yooper dome. It flocks in the football season, and its recent Astro field is used for football matches. The territory was built in 2009.

Most of the football games within the dome are hosted by Michigan University. Apart from football, the crown also houses public occasions accommodating thousands of people.

5. Golf

Over the years, the Marquette club for golf has focused the international spotlight on the area. The golf club center of focus is the theatrical grey wall course started in 2005.

The courses comprise s the panoramic visions of Lake Superior. It further gales its path over the pebbly cropping and the lying valleys. It’s situated 3km

from the suburbs zone.

6. Fishing activities

Commonly the city is regarded to have the best fishing recreational spots. Lake Superior has deep water brown trout, salmon as well as whitefish.

7. Skiing Biking and stride paths

Marquette has vast biking networks and striding paths. Over the years, the town is gradually broadening its tracks and enhancing an active community. At the fit strip and the Presque isle park, you will realize the cross-country ski trails.

The hilly terrain of about 602 feet vertically and the snowfalls allow snowboarding and downhill skiing. It’s the central theme of the town recreational activities in Marquette history.

Sum up

In retrospect, Marquette history became significant in the 17th century. The town realized vast advancements after the discovery of iron ore and the growth of iron demand.

It’s currently one of the famous states in the U.S., featuring historical sites and educational facilities. It also has suitable climates during summertime, making it an ideal place to stay. Despite the fading of iron demand, Marquette history continues to grow. Also, it is still promising on further developments.

Why Hire a Dietician?

why hire a dietician

What is a dietician?

A dietician, (UK Dietitian) is a qualified health professional who is regulated in some way. Their task is to use the most up-to-date scientific data on food, health, and disease; and then use that data to create practical applications that enable choices on lifestyle and food options. Dieticians work in both hospitals and private practice. Many are also employed by food manufacturers, caterers, and sports teams.

In the USA, Dieticians are qualified health professionals who possess, at least, a Bachelor’s Degree. Completed supervised practical training and passed a national examination. They are then able to use the designation “Registered dietitian” or RD. That is not the end of their training. Every five years they have to do 75 hours on continuing professional development, to remain up-to-date with the latest research.

They may work as part of a team of multi-disciplinary professionals to treat medical conditions such as:

  • · Diabetes
  • · Allergies
  • · Food intolerances
  • · Eating disorders
  • · IBS
  • · Chronic fatigue
  • · Malnutrition
  • · Bowel disorders
  • · Kidney failure

Their work is not confined to sick people, they are also employed by healthy people who wish to remain that way.

What does a dietician do?

A dietician is an expert in food and nutrition and they give dietary advice. They assist in the promotion of healthy living and create special diets for people with various conditions. Dieticians assist people to maintain a healthy weight. They may encourage the client to set and reach healthy goals as part of the maintenance of health.

Dieticians also work in designing menus and programs for large catering organizations, such as schools and hospitals. They would be involved in checking menus to ensure that they meet health standards.

They would work one to one with patients or work with small groups to promote healthy eating. Where patients have certain health conditions, they may work with that patient to assist them in understanding nutrition and in explaining what modifications will need to be made to a personal diet. All of this advice is based on the latest scientific research but will take into account other elements, such as likes and dislikes, as well as lifestyle.

The difference between a dietician and a nutritionist

If you have ever needed to make changes to your diet or faced certain health conditions, you may have heard the terms dietician and nutritionist. Many people think that they are the same person. This is an incorrect assumption and, in this section, I hope to explain what both roles involve. The two professions may share some similarities in what they do but it is important to realize that they are not the same.


Depending on where they practice, rules vary from country to country, and state to state, anyone may call themselves a nutritionist. In some places just completing a Bachelor’s Degree is enough to use the title; for example, a Bachelor’s Degree in Public Health, with a major in nutrition.

There are some specific qualifications to become a nutritionist, run by the Board of Certification of Nutrition Specialists (BCNS). With this, you may qualify as a certified nutrition specialist (CNS), or a certified/clinical nutritionist (CN). Some states also have license requirements for nutritionists. To obtain BCNS qualifications it is necessary to have

  • · MSc or Doctorate in nutrition or a related field
  • · 35 hours of coursework related to nutrition
  • · 1,000 hours of supervised training
  • · Five BCNS personalized case studies in nutrition

Nutritionists typically work to teach individuals or groups about general nutrition. The focus of their work is food behavior. This may involve working to set meal plans.


Many states will place limitations on what Nutritionists can do. For example, because nutritionists do not have to have qualifications, they may not be permitted to carry out certain nutrition counseling or diagnose and treat conditions. Other states may not allow nutritionists to get paid by insurance. In short, it varies state by state but limitations will apply.


The principle difference between a dietician and a nutritionist is that dieticians are allowed to make a diagnosis, and treat patients based on that diagnosis. They can work in a wide variety of situations. This wider range of responsibilities is due to the more formalized training and qualifications held by dieticians. Dieticians must first obtain a Bachelors’s Degree which is accredited by the Accreditation Council for Education in Nutrition and Dietetics (ACEND). They must then get a verification statement from a Didactic Program in Dietetics (DPD). Many dieticians will combine a degree in clinical nutrition or public health nutrition with the DPD. Dietitians should complete at least 1,200 hours in an internship. With all of the above training in place, dieticians may be allowed to sit the Commission on Dietetic Registration (CDR) exam. There are also accredited Ascend Master’s Degree programs.

Diabetes and Dieticians

A significant group that may require assistance from a dietician is the 34.2 million Americans who suffer from diabetes. Diabetes is a condition where the amount of glucose (sugar) in the body is too high. This occurs because the body is unable to make proper use of it.

A Diabetes Dietician is a specialist who offers dietary advice to patients who have diabetes. They take into consideration the nutritional status of the individual, any medications, their control of diabetes, and lifestyle. They work in tandem with diabetes nurses (DSN’s) and Diabetes Consultants.

Questions to ask a dietician

Questions to ask a dietician

Deciding to see a dietician can feel like a big step and after that step, it is important to try and get the best experience from the consultations. The following questions may be questions that you would like to ask on that first consultation.

What is the weight range I should be aiming for?

You may have a personal weight goal in your head already, based on appearance and fitting into certain types of clothes. It may well be that you have chosen a target that is not attainable or is still way above a healthy weight. Your dietician will have facts about what your goal should be.

How much should I plan to eat?

You may have looked-up on the Internet and found the portion size or calories counts for particular foods. But these cannot be universal and are frequently wrong anyway. Your age, gender, level of activity, all can modify what an individual can eat. Your dietician will advise you.

Is my diet providing everything I need?

Staying healthy is not just about how much you eat, but also involves what you eat. Specific health issues can require modifications to the type of food you eat. You may be having dizziness or an upset stomach, and it could be that by cutting out certain foods you can resolve those issues. This is another service your dietician can supply.

What about allergies or sensitivities?

You may already know about allergies you may suffer from. However, sometimes we do not always identify allergies correctly. You may also be suffering from symptoms that you did not realize were caused by an allergy you had not recognized. Celiac disease often goes undiagnosed because the symptoms are often attributed to other issues. Your Dietician is trained to pick up on these things.

Do you offer meal plans?

Setting a meal plan is an excellent way for your dietician to get to understand your eating habits and lifestyle. The meal plan can also keep you motivated. Your dietician will have given you recommendations on nutrition and a meal plan is a way of teaching you how that advice can be implemented.

Is Genetics a Factor?

Many diseases such as Celiac disease, heart disease, and diabetes, have a component that is down to your genes. It is important to talk about your family history when consulting with a dietician.

Is a dietician covered by insurance?

Nutrition counseling can be needed for a variety of reasons. The reason is going to affect whether it will be covered on insurance or not. If the consultation is part of a doctor-prescribed treatment for a particular condition, then it will more likely be covered.

These days insurance companies are increasingly realizing that by enduring that clients receive nutritional advice that they are less likely to make claims for treatments. It, therefore, is a good investment to pay for nutritional advice. However, check with your insurance provider first.

Reasons to consult a dietician

Manage a chronic disease

Some of the most common causes of death are contributed to by diet. Obesity, heart disease. Diabetes, cancer, dental diseases, and osteoporosis can be influenced by diet. Consulting a dietician and obtaining dietary advice can play a part in reducing your chances of being struck down by these problems. A registered dietician near me can assist with planning meal plans that have a significant impact on fighting these diseases.

Shedding unwanted pounds

Forget unverified diet fads and secondhand information. If you accept you need help in weight management, then consulting with a registered dietitian is a wise move. A dietician can identify your main problems and help with nutritional advice and meal plans to put you on the right track. A dietician is not judgemental and is simply there to help you fix your problems, and then to adopt a long term healthy lifestyle.

Manage weight-loss surgery

Individuals who have a BMI that exceeds 35 and have serious medical problems may qualify for weight loss surgery. Alternatively, those with a BMI over 40 and are over 100 lbs over their ideal body weight may also qualify. With gastric bypass surgery, the stomach will be smaller and the patient must learn how to eat correctly following the surgery. Structured nutritional counseling following surgery will allow significant weight loss to occur.

Fuel your athletic performance

It is not only those that are overweight or sick that require the services of a dietician. Sports dieticians can use nutrition to help athletes train and recover from injuries faster. There is a great deal of evidence that nutrition has a significant effect on sports performance. Sports Dieticians are found working with participants in several sports, including team sports. In many places, a dietician is seen as an essential component of any sports team.

Sports dieticians work with athletes to create healthy diets that support the heavy physical loads they place on their bodies. When injured a dietician can suggest a diet that will speed recovery and downtime from training. They are also a knowledgeable source of information on sports supplements that athletes may want to use. Because of their deep understanding of how diet impacts medical conditions they can take account of these conditions when creating diets.

While many sports dieticians work with teams, it is also possible to find sports dieticians with their small clinics who can be consulted by individuals.

dietician appointment

What to expect during a dietician appointment

Some people become nervous when they are referred to a dietician. The exact details of appointments will depend on the country, state, or even clinic that you are referred to. However, there are certain common factors in all appointments.

Dieticians do not just help people lose weight and as you have seen from this article there are dieticians in many different roles, such as sports dieticians. Dieticians are trained to provide therapies in a variety of conditions and are well-trained specialists in any healthcare team, despite the fact they are commonly undervalued by the public.

At your first appointment, be prepared to talk about a wide range of matters. This could include your family history, your personal medical history, how you interact with food, your lifestyle, diet preferences, and health goals. The initial appointment is a perfect opportunity for the dietician to learn all about you.

After the dietician has asses the individual they will explain what needs to be done, very carefully, and providing the opportunity for questions.

In subsequent consultations, the main component will be to track your progress towards the goal agreed upon during the first session. Experiences may result in some slight changes to the plan to reflect how it went. These subsequent sessions are also the opportunity to educate the client on issues relating to nutrition.

There is nothing to be concerned about when you visit a dietician and you should see the appointment as an opportunity for advice on how to make positive changes to your lifestyle.

How to Make a Company Health and Safety Compliant

Health and Safety Compliant


Business professionals have studied the factors that improve the productivity and welfare of a business. One of the most critical observations is that the safety of the employees plays a critical role in enhancing the performance of the business. As a business owner, you have the responsibility to ensure that your employees are safe. This will benefit you too due to the various advantages that come with safety measures. Similarly, as an employee, you should know that the government has protected you, in terms of safety.

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), is a regulatory agency under the US Department of Labor. The act was signed into law in 1970 by Richard Nixon. One of the main mandates of the law is that authorities can come to a workplace and inspect if the workplace environment is safe for the employees. The law was one of the efforts, among others, that ensured that the employees in the US are going to be working in a safe environment.

This article will discuss the importance of OSHA to both the business owner and the employees, and how to make a company health and safety compliant.

The importance of OSHA to a Business Owner

There are several reasons why OSHA is important in the American workplace. To start with, one of the most important and reliable ways of improving the productivity of the employees is giving them assurance that they are safe. This gives them a piece of mind any time they are in your premises. When the employees feel comfortable at your workplace, they are not going to have high levels of stress which could affect them in their work.

The modern job seekers are more aware of their rights and are more conscious of the choices that they make. For example, a significant number of job seekers look for long-term solutions when they are making career decisions. If your workplace is not safe through following OSHA recommendations, you are not going to attract strong talent. In addition to that, you might find yourself in a situation where you are going to have a high employee turnover, and this is going to affect the credibility and performance of your business.

Therefore, it is better if you thought about how best you can attract and retain talent. Making such a decision is going to set you apart from the peers, and you will have a competitive edge when it comes to attracting employees. Again, when you lose talent, you will find that it will be more expensive for you in the end.

If you do not implement OSHA regulations related to safety and health, an employee could file a complaint or take you to court. This can be a long, expensive, and demanding process. Such a process could drain your ability to focus on the core mandate of the business due to the attention such cases need.

The safety requirements of your business are a matter of public relations. Clients want to do business with people who are sensitive to the needs of their employees. In the modern environment, clients want to know a number of things including the following:

-How safe are your employees

-Are you sensitive to the needs of the employees?

-Do you source goods from countries that abuse human right?

-Are your activities promoting abuse of human rights

-Are you environmentally sensitive?

-Do you make your employees comfortable, though the right compensation for instance

Having stated that, if the clients know that your business has a good safety record, they will be more comfortable supporting your business. It is such clients who are going to support your business in time of need, and to offer you referrals.

Importance of OSHA to Employees

When employees feel realize that its workplace respects the OSHA principles, then such employees are confident when they are running the day to day activities. Therefore, the employees will be in a position to concentrate at the task and hand, and in the end, the business is going to realize optimal productivity.

Whereas employees working in the private sector earn higher, they face numerous challenges such as low job security. OSHA comes in handy in protecting the employees in the private sector because they can be vulnerable to human rights violations such as dismissal from work without in-depth investigation.

There is a strong correlation between the workplace and health. For example, a farm employee who spends the entire year spraying could face chest and breathing problems later in life. Therefore, work should not be an excuse to poor health. If you work in a workplace setting that follows OSHA, then such prevention strategies are already taken care of. Some of the professions are known to be notorious in hazard issues that some employees avoid them altogether.

By working in a workplace that is approved by OSHA, the probability of a workplace injury is reduced. One of the most frustrating things is a situation where an employee faces a workplace injury. Workplace injuries can lead to incapacitation and possible death, thereby making having a long-term effect on the employee.

How to Make a Company Health and Safety Compliant

Rolling out an effective and compliant health and safety program that is going to be accepted by training OSHA is a big undertaking. The process can be intimidating at the beginning and could seem a lofty goal. However, as you work on the process, you are going to realize that the process is manageable in the long-run, and all you need is to have the determination to follow the process to the latter.

Prior to start an in-depth discussion of the process, you need to evaluate if you need a workplace safety program, and the scope. Whereas having one is not mandatory, it is recommendable that you have one. This is good for you and for your employees too. Again, the insurance companies will feel safer working with you when they know that you are keen to employ the right safety measures. They do know that such measures are good for their business as they will lead to less claims.

However, there are some industries which are perceived to need OSHA and work safety programs more. This is due to the possible exposure to hazards. Such industries include the following: the manufacturing industry, the construction industry, the health services, and the warehouse and distribution services.

The construction industries are one of the most hazardous professions in the US. Due to limited space in the US, the preference is to go for high rise building which is going to last for many years. Unfortunately, the construction of high rise buildings comes with a lot of cost, more so, on the compromise of the safety of the employees, and sometimes, death of a worker.

Similarly, the health profession is a high risk profession. For instance, the nurses, in the process of treatment can be vulnerable to germs, other types of infections, and diseases. Florence Nightingale environed this hard setting and wrote Note of Nursing. Today, if your business is related to health, whether directly or indirectly, then it is time that you rolled out an effective work safety program.

Having stated that, you need to have step by step procedures on how you can make a company healthy and compliant. To start with, carry out a comprehensive risk assessment of your business. This may be a requirement of the law, or it could be a matter of discretion. When you carry out a comprehensive risk assessment, then, you will find that you will be in a position to understand the inherent and structural weaknesses that could affect your business. At the same time, you are going to carry out a rough estimate of the budget that you need for the safety program.

You need to create a plan which outlines the methodology of health and safety at your workplace. The bigger the planned expectation, the more detailed the health and compliance document is going to be.

You need to invest in safe facilities for all employees. For example, you can have a workplace canteen where your employees are going to eat and rest. In addition to that, there ought to be an effective ventilation system that serves your workplace.

As a responsible employer, you ought to think about the value that insurance brings to the workplace. Employees feel safer and better when they know that they are going to be compensated in the case that something happens to them. At the same time, insurance protects the employees from medical bills which can cripple the financial ability of an individual.

You need to invest in the right first aid equipment for your business. Basic first aid equipment is not expensive and it goes a long way in ensuring that there is no loss of lives at the workplace, and no injuries. Basically, a first aid kit should contain the following at the minimum:

-A well-stocked first aid box

-A designated person who is going to be in charge of the first aid

-Basic medicine

As a business owner, encourage your employees to appreciate the importance that comes with the first aid. As a matter of fact, every employee should be conversant with basic training as far as the use of first aid is concerned.

You need to understand that you cannot roll out an effective safety program for your workplace without a thorough consultation with the employees. The employees are the backbone of an institution. Therefore, you cannot go far without seeking legitimacy and converting them to your objective. Generally, employees are not going to have any problem in buying your ideas and supporting you. After all, you are doing this in order to support them in both the short term and the long run.

Again, you are not going to roll out an effective safety program on your own. Instead, think about how you can do some things and delegate other duties and responsibilities. When you delegate a certain project to others, they own up the project, and can easily support your initiatives. Again, owning up the project brings a sense of continuity.

work and health safety

Compliance Assistant Specialist

As you can imagine, the process of compliance to OSHA can be long and complicated. In that case, then, the best thing is to seek the help of a professional. When you are seeking help, be sure to pick someone who has accumulated vast experience in the safety and compliance industry. The assumption here is that through such an effort, you are going to benefit from vast experience that the professional offers.

In the field of business, you should ensure that you stick to the budget in order to tame the business expenses. Straining your business with unmanageable expenses will not work for you in the long run, and could be counter-productive to the business.

At the same time, you need to be pro-active when it comes to the issue of safety programs. For example, you can attend various seminars and programs that deal with safety programs. Attending such courses, conferences, and workshops, will enable you to stand out among the others.


Health and safety protocols might seem expensive and complicated, but the rewards of doing the same are fulfilling and they will lead to managing the cost of business. In addition to that, you are going to avoid ugly situations such as being taken to a court of law. It is important that you renew your commitment to health and safety protocols due to the advantages that they bring in both the short term and the long run.

The OSHA principles and the process is not cast in stone, things keep on changing. Therefore, you should strive to be updated on the latest dynamics shaping OSHA, and evaluate how such dynamics are going to affect you. Remember, you owe the employees, the customers, and the general public to keep them out of harm’s way. Overall, the significance of OSHA in the workplace cannot be under-estimated.

Best Vacation Spots in Michigan

Michigan vacation

Many times when people consider taking a fun vacation to the North American continent, they think of Las Vegas, Miami, or Los Angeles; however, the state of Michigan in the United States can be a great tourist destination for all types of vacations. You will be able to know from great landscapes with impressive lakes to the best casinos that exist.

These are some destinations that you can enjoy in your Michigan Vacation.

1. Mackinac island

It is one of the largest tourist getaways in Michigan. The island has wonderful Victorian houses and churches and dozens of gardens with colorful plants and is maintained in this way throughout the year.

It has a very calm air and is always impeccable. The island, which has about 8 miles of coastline and an area of 3.8 square miles, is free of motor vehicles; the only modes of transportation allowed on the island include horse-drawn carriage and bicycles.

Mackinac Island offers a lot of tourist attractions, just like the island’s famous festival, the “Lilac Festival.” This place is also an attractive place to have weddings, go on a honeymoon or simply go on a family vacation. Among all the hotels and lodging houses that the place has, there are more than 1,300 rooms available for tourists.

Other attractions of the island are Mackinac Island’s fortress, the museum of butterflies, the stone arch, which is a hole in a rock high up in the lake which was made naturally. Besides, it has several candy stores where they prepare chocolate fudge very popular in the area. Likewise, the island is home to dozens of restaurants, bars, shops, and recreation areas to help visitors stay more relaxing. Lovers of water sports such as kayaking, sailing competitions, among others, also come to the island.

The best time to visit this site is in summer. You need to travel by sea for 10 to 15 minutes, either in a private boat or in some of the ferry companies that offer transfers during the summer.

For its part, the Mackinac Bridge, with its 26,372 feet in length and a suspension of 8,614 feet, is the third-longest suspension bridge in America and the longest in the country’s Midwest. The bridge crossing the Strait of Mackinac in the Great Lakes (Lake Michigan and Lake Huron) constitutes a real attraction for the thousands of tourists who do not resist taking a photo from some of the viewpoints towards the bridge, both in the city of Mackinac and the city of Saint Ignace located at the other end of the bridge in a south-north direction.

2. Dearborn

The Henry Ford is one of Michigan’s best-loved tourist attractions. Located in Dearborn, Michigan, the Henry Ford is home to several attractions. This museum is perfect for any automobile enthusiast, as it shows the history of Ford Motor Company, plus it has various exhibition that are related to a great part of the American history.

The main property of Henry Ford (Greenfield Village) is also located here. Many tourists like to go there with the intention of seeing a carousel dating from 1913, or also for taking a nice ride aboard the 1931 Ford AA bus, Greenfield Village, which could be translated as taking a step back in time to travel imaginatively with the whole family and discover the beginnings of the Henry Ford house.

3. Frankenmuth

Michigan-Frankenmuth is often referred to as “Michigan’s Little Bavaria,” and for a good reason. Originally founded by German missionaries, Frankenmuth proudly celebrates its German heritage.

One of the greatest touristic attractions that you can find in this place is the number of festivals and celebrations that are held each year, which is why a great number of tourists go there. There is actually an estimated of more than two million of annual visitors that go each year to this place. Being a place originally founded by German missionaries, Frankenmuth has focused on celebrating its origins with festivals like the Frankenmuth Bavarian Festival and, of course, Oktoberfest. Besides, they hold a beer exhibition where people from around the globe can participate.

They even host pet festivals like the Dog Bowl, considered one of the largest Olympic dog events in the USA.

One of the best ways to start the day is by having a good breakfast in their bakeries, which always have fresh food, such as croissants and muffins. From Main Street, you can see how picturesque the city is and take lots of beautiful photos.

Frankenmuth is also recognized for offering family dinners, like Thanksgiving, in the most distinguished restaurants. After a good lunch, the best idea is to visit the River Place Mall. The aesthetics of its facade is beautiful and does not lose the German essence, in this place you can find several stores where you can buy gifts for all those you love.

This wonderful tourist spot is acclaimed for its old brewery, which has been active since 1862. Beer lovers will be fascinated by this place and will have the opportunity to dine under the stars overlooking the Cass River.

If you are a person who loves Christmas, you cannot miss visiting Bronner’s Christmas Wonderland, a great store of Christmas decorations, clothes, and even costumes that has been active since 1945.

If you plan to travel in summer, you will be able to delight yourself with the colors of the flowers that adorn the city. One of the most wonderful architectural attractions is the Franconian aesthetic, which can be seen throughout much of the city.

4. Grand Rapids

You can find Grand Rapids in the lower western part Michigan. This was also the childhood home of Gerald Ford. Ford was one of the United States Presidents.

There you can find some really popular tourist attractions such as:

Frederik Meijer Gardens and Sculpture Park

Frederik Meijer Gardens and Sculpture Park offers beautiful gardens that you could really enjoy throughout the whole year, both indoors and outdoors. You will find a huge number of flowers displayed there no matter what season, also the green areas have different styles and gardening techniques.

Outdoors you can see various sculptures with which you can take beautiful photos with an identifiable natural background, full of waterways and trees.

In the case of the sculptures found in the internal gallery, they are made of bronze and were made by great international artists.

Meyer May House

Meyer May House is a beautiful old house that was original constructed in 1908; it is definitely one of the most important historical monuments in Grand Rapids. Despite the years, they have managed to keep it as it was originally built.

It is currently open to all tourists who wish to take a tour of its interior. Among its most impressive features are its beautiful windows, which are a total of 108. Besides, tourists will be able to see a tape of the monument’s history, from its construction to what it is today.

Gerald R. Ford Presidential Museum

In this museum, tourists can learn much more about what life was like, Gerald R Ford. There are large collections that include various items that belonged to the former president in his infancy and as a college student, such as the uniform he wore when he was on the football team at his university.

There are other sections where all the information about his career as president and politics, in general, is exhibited, such as the various items used for his campaign in the 70s for the presidency, and all those obtained during his tenure.

Grand Rapids Children’s Museum

Because the kids deserves having too their best Michigan vacation experience, this is the ideal place for them to know more about the world, exploring, and, of course, play. “Little Grand Rapids” is actually a really popular area, where children can play at being adults in their small town, including banks, supermarkets, hospitals, and even mechanics.

Besides, there are areas for the little ones in the house to have fun, such as the bubble room or a Lego themed room. There you can also find a space inside there where they can express themselves and make all the noise and mess that they want to while playing with various musical instruments.

On a daily basis, Grand Rapids Children’s Museum is in charge of creating activity programs, which could include recreation, storytelling for children, plays, and more.

5. Detroit

Although many do not consider Detroit as a tourist destination, the truth is that it has many attractions for all those who visit it.

It has from casinos to a large number of restaurants to enjoy the best flavors of the city. The Champ de Mars, located in Detroit’s heart, offers outdoor ice skating in the center of the city. In addition to presentations in theaters where many performances and exhibited theatrical works are shown. On the other hand, Detroit’s nightlife in Michigan is second to none.

Fox Theatre

Fox Theatre is unique. It does not matter if you are not a fan of theatrical art; it is more than sure that you will enjoy it. This magnificent theater was built in 1928. At the time when it was constructed, was one of the biggest cinemas in the country, and also one of the most luxurious. Even now, it not only impresses with its unique architectural style but also with its exquisite interior decoration. The old cinema will enchant with its surroundings that include: luxurious wood carving, a variety of fine fabrics, exquisite antique furniture, and a variety of works of art. Now, theatrical performances and concerts are often held there.

Luxury skyscrapers

One of the most outstanding characteristics of Detroit is the beautiful, luxurious, and modern skyscrapers. In this city’s heart, there is a beautiful complex, quite tall, called the Renaissance Center. From the highest floors, you can see all the great lakes that exist, and when the day is clear, you can get to see Canada’s outskirts.

Belle isle

Belle Isle an island located in the Detroit River. It is approximately three miles long and more than one mile wide. Tourists delight in marvelous landscapes, impressive parks and can also visit the sports facilities they have.

The Anna Scripps Whitcomb Conservatory is one of the most visited tourist attractions, thanks to the fact that it is very old and includes various plants for lovers of botany. Besides, it has a museum called Dossin Great Lakes, which exhibits an endless number of boats, all of the different models, in addition to having numerous models of boats and other large exhibits that tell the history of the place.

Other more exciting attractions include a zoo called Belle Isle Nature, where tourists have the opportunity to feed the deer. There are many recreational activities of all kinds, such as the giant slide park, bicycle rental to explore the place, and many trails to get lost in nature’s greatness.

Detroit Public Library

Detroit Public library was inaugurated in 1865. At first, it had a collection of up to 5,000 books and was located in the Capitol High School. However, 56 years later, the library was moved to its present location.

Tourists love this building because of its impressive architecture, which when we were there they had a crane service near me which kind of spoiled the view. Visitors can take a tour, completely free, for one hour, to explore all the art and its history. Currently, the main library has 10 departments inside and 23 branches.

You will have an incomparable time on your Michigan vacation

If you want to have a special and unforgettable vacation, without a doubt, the state of Michigan is your best option. The state of the great lakes has a great natural wealth with excellent places to relax during free days, and that contrasts perfectly with its large cities.

Many tourist sites throughout the geography of Michigan are worth visiting, no matter what type of vacation you prefer, since here you can find:

  • Historical museums of all kinds
  • Exhibits for adults and children
  • Natural parks
  • Huge lakes
  • Unique theaters
  • Landscapes that will take your breath away
  • And of course, vibrant city life

In your Michigan Vacation, you will have a great time, and you will arrive home with renewed energy but wanting to repeat this adventure.

How to Make an Office Ergonomic

office ergonomics

Office Ergonomic is commonly referred to as sitting techniques. However, the list goes beyond your chair and the way you position yourself. Ergonomics goal is to make your employees get used to their workplace. It also guarantees their safety, health and enhances productivity. In as much as an office requires organizational ergonomics, cognitive and physical ergonomics are critical too.

What is ergonomic training?

Training is the most critical part of an operational ergonomic progression. Ergonomics call for the team’s abilities to assess and fix any problems emanating from your workplace.

What category of staff needs ergonomic training?

1. The safety ergonomic team

Ergonomic training in this sect is to equip the team with the ability to identify risks solely. Identification is based on the stipulated assessment risk. They also work on investigating, prioritizing, and provide chances for ergonomic improvements.

Moreover, if there are new tasks to be designed, the safety team shall ensure it hinges on the ergonomic principles. As such, they will communicate with the employees about ergonomics and educate them if relevant.

2. Employees

For example, if you lived in Allentown, PA, to Allentown employees, Allentown ergonomic training is all about discomfort signs and filing reports. Ergonomic training will also enable them to make suggestions on controlling ergonomic risk issues and detecting future hazards.

3. Supervisors

Whether it is within an office or outside, the work of a supervisor is to ensure the smooth running of activities. Orchestrating ergonomic training on them will help them detect incongruities. Consequently, they can direct ergonomic policies within the workplace. Supervisors will also encourage the early reporting of fatigue. Accordingly, they will see non-verbal signs of difficulties among employees and act appropriately.

What are the types of ergonomics?

1. Physical ergonomics

Physical ergonomics is the most valuable type of ergonomics. All employees need physical comfort to discharge services. Its Centre of focus is on how employees use tools. That’s either desktops, chairs, or even other computer equipment that maybe be required.

2. Cognitive ergonomics

Cognitive abilities are the key to productivity and speedy brain functioning. The memory abilities, reasoning, and reflexes affect the mode of interaction between customer and employee. Ergonomic training in this sect will help in reducing stress and promote more reliability.

3. Organizational ergonomics

Organizational ergonomics deal with optimizing technical systems. It also encompasses layouts, structures, and strategies. Your team enjoys the overall benefit of ergonomic training. They get insights on how to keep themselves safe and healthy while they are working.

With all that said, how do you make your office ergonomically organized?

Since offices are all about layout and structure as well, they hinge a lot on organizational ergonomics. The way your office seats and peripheral devices are arranged matters to a great extent.

Considering that you have imparted ergonomic training on your employees, risk assessment becomes their duty. Determining whether the seating is comfortable for employees is encompassed in the evaluation. Should there be any inconveniences, the employees must inform their employers of the defects.

ergonomic posture

Herein are some ways of making your office more ergonomic

1. Optimize your office furniture

Optimizing your office furniture is the goal of making the environment ergonomic and efficient. Since most office work is done while seated, furniture that jeopardizes employee well-being should be replaced. Luckily there is ergonomic office furniture.

a) Chairs

These chairs features are far different from regular office seats. They enable the worker to sit upright, supporting their lower back, neck, hips, and thighs. Being able to sit comfortably promotes the proper circulation of blood. Consequently fostering high cognition and strength.

b) Use ergonomic desks

Ergonomic desks are specially designed to be shortened or even raised. It works best in reducing your sitting time during a workday. As such, you can extend it and still when you feel uncomfortable while seated.

According to NHS, sitting for long periods within a day is harmful. Their research shows that the risk of obesity and type 2 diabetes is imminent, should you sit for long. Additionally, you become vulnerable to musculoskeletal injuries, back pain, and also repetitive strain injuries.

Ergonomic management of office computers

1. Use laptop stands

When using a laptop stand, you have a firm base. The base allows you to raise and put the screen in the most comfortable position. As a result, it reduces neck strains and makes your work less strenuous.

2. Position your office monitors suitably

The ergonomic training on employees is aimed at fatigue detection, among others. In this case, wrongly positioned monitors can cause neck and shoulder pains. For a good ergonomic office, placing the monitor 20 inches from you will be effective. Setting it too far will cause eyestrain and slouching to read what’s on screen.

On the angle of placement, it should be 15 -20 degrees. A different angle will coerce you to twist a neck at a bad grade, causing neck strains. Most monitors have permanent stands. However, there are plenty of monitor stands in the market which can be improvised.

3. Try out document holders.

Office work that involves computers, at times, will demand one to make references from documents while typing. Positioning these documents at random positions while working can cause neck strains. Since you will need to bend to see what’s on the papers. A document holder places the document at a better viewing angle. It allows you to read and type with a straight neck.

4. Ensure you use good keyboards and mouse

While it may require you to get proper placement of these gadgets, sometimes ditching them can be the best course of action. It would help if you had ergonomic devices. Office staffs are prone to tendinitis and carpal tunnel syndrome. Badly enough, the infections are a product of poor keyboards and wrong mice positions.

For an ergonomic office, distance diktats where you should site your keyboard. Sufficed to say, your keyboard must be accessible with your elbows at your sides. Also, its angle should be tilted away from you.

In terms of height, your wrists should be straight and parallel to the floor. You should choose to buy Ergonomic keyboards and mice and make your hands assume natural working positions accordingly.

The mouse reduces tension in your fingers that can lead to nerve damage and pain. The mice imitators a handclasp. Thus, there is no need to kink your wrists while using it.

5. Organize your office cables

In as much as wireless gadgets are growing prominent, cables are still lingering. It’s not uncommon to find offices with cables and wires crosswise the flooring. It’s a big risk for employees. However, management can be done. That involves using cable bins and spines to store the cables. Consequently, it creates a safe office that fruits from ergonomic training.

6. Invest in CPU supports

Computers are coherent in every office. However, many offices lack the means to store them in the right positions. It’s therefore not bizarre to find them placed on the floor.

Nonetheless, when using a CPU holder, you get to mount your PC below your station of work. Placing them on the flow is only a recipe for employees tripping over cables. It may also cause electrical malfunctioning, such as shots, which can be hazardous.

Layouts, air conditioning, and environment ergonomics

1. Organize your office into sects

Your office can be arranged in different styles for different needs. The tasks you are to do in a day can run smoothly as long as they align with your office arrangement. Your desk is always your dashboard. Sufficed to say, items that you need must be within your desk’s reach. For this reason, you have to divide your workspace into three main zones.

a) Zone 1

With the first zone, items that are here must be reachable with just a hand stretch. It’s the zone ideal for keyboards and mice.

b) Zone 2

This is the area that you can reach for documents or telephone. It’s also ideal for items that you need to use frequently.

c) Zone 3

This is the zone that you place completed tasks and other ornaments. That can be trophies or family photos. Organizing your office in such a way reduces congestion in one place. It also makes the working environment more comfortable to work from.

2. Optimize your working environment

An ergonomic office is no different from any other regular office without proper environment optimization. The office lighting and temperature are the drivers towards ergonomics. The air conditioning in the office is also a matter of great concern.

a) Lighting

Intense fluorescent lights can cause eye damage. Dim light, on the other hand, will cause eyestrain. So, for an ergonomic office, it will be wise if you try natural lighting.

If natural light is inaccessible, you should try out artificial lighting. According to GSA, standard lighting must be 500 lumens per square meter. Still, in terms of the office environment, you should add a little greenery to your office.

b) Temperature and air quality

Since every worker has their temperature preference, setting the most favorable to everyone will be ideal. Air conditioning, on the other hand, is a major concern. Currently, indoor pollution is rising. The age of your office construction materials and molds can cause bad air. As a result, it can cause flu and exacerbate respiratory ailments. For an ergonomic office, you should invest in a good air conditioner and quality filters.

Why is office ergonomics essential?

Bad office ergonomics can negatively impact your employees as well as your business. Lacking office ergonomics shall cause workplace injuries and even health damages.

Some of the health problems include?

1. Numbness on fingers and wrists

2. Soreness on joints

3. Neck and back pains with muscle cramps

4. Damaged vision

On the Other hand, musculoskeletal disorders are a long-term effect of working in a static position. Your office equipment must allow alternate working positions. At times the disease may also result from monotonous movements.

Benefits of office ergonomics

Benefits of office ergonomics

1. Proper service delivery and customer response

Of course, any worker who is not feeling comfortable will have cognitive anomalies. Being in a perfect set place raises the mood and, thus, good service delivery.

2. Promotes productivity

Productivity relies on the general health of your office workers. Health depends on the office ergonomic setting. Having ergonomic equipment will reduce absenteeism due to health and fatigue.

3. Creates a safe environment

Office ergonomics shows your employees that you are committed to improving their safety and health concerns. It promotes a safe culture within your office. Fostering this culture will enhance your office’s work output.

Is office ergonomic training worth it?

Retrospectively is ergonomics worth approaching? Yes, it is not just essential for your business. It’s worth it for your employees. As a good manager, the wellbeing of your office staff comes first, and so does ergonomic training.

How do I ergonomically set my office?

1. Chair selection

The process starts with the office chair. Your chair must provide anchorage for your lower back and protect your spine. It should also give room to rest your arms.

2. Desk

The second step involves your desk. It must provide room for your thigh and allow movement of feet and thighs. The desk should also be raised to keep your mice and keyboard at the appropriate height.

3. Monitor positioning

Thirdly, monitor placement depends on your vision. Whether you are long-sighted or short-sighted, your monitor needs to be in line with your vision.

4. Keyboard and mouse selection

Hard keyboards can be stressful. It would be best if you used rubber keyboards that are easy to work with. Additionally, it would help if you placed it on a flat surface. The mice, on the other hand, must embrace a handshake to avoid extreme wrist twisting. If not, consider using wide surfaced mats that allow easy movement of writing rather than twisting.

Final shot

Every office, despite its work nature, needs to perpetuate an ergonomic environment. However, despite the workspace being well designed, employers must ensure ergonomic settings are followed. For this reason, it’s imperative to conduct ergonomic training on your office staff.

To increase productivity and staff health, you have to consider office ergonomics. Additionally, you should confirm if your teams are comfortable with the ergonomic training equipment. The fancy equipment won’t work if they are still slouching.

How to Paint your House if you Want to Sell it

house painting to sell your house

When we are going to sell a house, the buyer must perceive that it is a property that has been given constant maintenance. This can help increase or decrease the value of a property by up to 10%. And one of the first things that buyers see, and that tells them if it is a house in good condition, is the paint.

Suppose your walls look in good condition, clean, with a uniform color, without cracks or scratches. In that case, people will feel invited to tour the property, as it is a first indication that the previous owners have taken care of the maintenance.

Why should you paint your house before selling it?

In the real estate market, a technique called Home Staging is used, which consists of improving a home’s appearance to sell it. This is NOT the same as decoration, and it has some resources that you too can easily use. In this sense, paint and colors are vitally important. If you take into account this technique to condition your property, you will surely be able to sell your house much faster.

The action of painting has something special; we could say that it is an action of renewal and new air that we use both in private and professional life. The issue of the need to paint a house for sale is a classic that does not go out of style.

Among the reasons why you should paint your house when you decide to put it up for sale, the following stand out:

  • When you list your property for sale, the main objective is to attract most buyers’ attention. The neutral colors favors the walls so that interested people can easily imagine living in your property and generate emotion.
  • Also, it is a powerful strategy to please potential buyers.
  • Besides, a property with new paint creates the feeling of good conservation, and the colors you choose are fundamental. The color and paint have to make the environment look spacious and pleasant and allow those interested in getting an idea of what their life would be like.
  • The painting has the peculiarity of renewing the walls, ceilings, doors, and windows. With it, stains, cracks, and past life traces are eliminated, making the environments look renewed.
  • It can help to see the property much larger depending on the colors chosen.

The first impression is essential; that is why the property’s good condition will create greater interest in the potential tenant or buyer from the beginning. Therefore, it is very important that you paint your house, both inside and outside, before putting it on the market.

How to choose the perfect colors?

If you don’t choose your colors carefully and wisely, the paint can work against you. Choose the wrong colors, and your future buyers will tell you that the house is to be repainted, and for them, it will be a significant expense, which they can avoid by visiting more places.

One of the main factors that you should consider before painting your house to sell it is the profile of potential buyers.

For example, if you want to sell an apartment for young couples, you should use white, but with touches of intense colors, red, green, yellow oranges. You can do it on cushions, a painting, or a wall—young people like bright, minimalist environments with details that make them look dynamic and modern.

On the other hand, older people prefer neutral tones, beiges, pastel tones, environments with a warm appearance, and some bluish tones.

Also, the color depends on the architecture and the style of the property. Maybe soft tones are not wrong for a classic build. And in a loft, you should not discard intense colors.

This is a very general way of looking at it since before choosing colors and painting, it is essential to consider whether it is the property’s interior or exterior.

What colors to choose to paint the exterior of the house?

Beauty, believe it or not, is also on the outside. Almost all painters and experts in real estate operations will advise you that neutral tones are the most used to sell your house faster. For example in Chicago a Chicago Painting Contractors group put out a memo that neutral colors for the exterior show a 67% higher chance in selling. Although the neutral colors are not so striking, they are the ones that the vast majority of customers are willing to live with.

A freshly painted, neutral exterior provides freshness and renewal. Although it is the cheapest, if future clients do not like the property’s exterior color, they will soon look at another house. It is very typical to believe that the decisions we make when buying are based on rational analysis, but our emotions are the ones that buy for us on more than one occasion.

For example, these colors have different meanings, and they can help you:

  • Navy Blue: if you put a luxury home for sale, a color made up of more than one word, like”navy blue.” could work.
  • Plain Colors: these colors are simpler, and it works on almost every occasion, like white, sand, or beige, but they shouldn’t be too bright or too dark.
  • Soft Gray: if you want elegance, then a soft gray is the right choice, and also adds some modern look to the house’s exterior.
  • A happy place: if you really want some bright color, then yellow is your choice to go. This color is associated with light and gold.

There are always exceptions, and some clients will look for a striking and unique facade. However, almost all buyers want to purchase a clean and orderly house that fits the neighbors’ houses’ general scheme. This tends to happen in all types of neighborhoods, from low budget to luxury homes.

The facade’s color is as important as that of each room that makes it up, mainly because it is part of the first impression. It is best to use light tones that give the property elegance and sophistication, such as white with brown or gray details.

You can also use beige or sand in combination with white or blue in less proportion. If you want more colorful tones, you can use pastel or light yellow. Likewise, green is an excellent option, as long as it is grayish or light.

What colors to choose to paint the interior of the house?

The first impression is the most important. With Home Staging, unlike with decoration, it is intended to create an impersonal environment, making it look more pleasant for the largest number of people, not for one.

The choice of colors also depends on the house’s architecture and style. With Home Staging, a study is made of the strategy to be used.

Among the main colors that you can use, the following stand out:


White is the most impersonal and neutral color that exists. It is the canvas that will allow the buyer to plan the future colors, the distribution of their furniture, and the details that they like. White makes a room appear more spacious and brighter. Besides, in Western cultures and also in some Eastern ones, the color white means purity, as well as cleanliness and peace.

The white color also provides an impression of cleanliness, another characteristic that a home offered for sale must have. And as if that were not enough power, the light, a creative source of good sensations and spaciousness in the interiors.

White creates a feeling of spaciousness and freshness, brings more light to rooms, and transmits tranquility. It is usually the cheapest paint option and a shade that combines with any other color.

Neutral and pastel shades:

Not everything is white. You also have the option of painting in other colors, without neglecting the first. You should use color to create the right effects for future clients. You can also add a bit of color to make each corner a visually attractive place.

According to North American studies, neutral tones are the most appropriate for selling a property. If you plan to sell or rent, decide on lighter colors. If you add a little color to your walls, potential buyers will be more impressed.

The soft/light grays provide a sensation of luminosity and create more elegant and modern environments; it is also an easy color to combine.

Beige and creams have similar effects as white. And based on the neutral color you choose, you should bring warmth by using other shades in the details. They also generate a feeling of spaciousness, calm, and serenity, it also brings simplicity and elegance to rooms, and it is an easy color to combine.

Pastel colors appear calm or calm. Although they may be bland for some, they do not generate counterproductive emotions of rejection, fatigue, or nervousness.

Striking colors in the kitchen

Professionals in color psychology advise painting the kitchen with the color of some food. That does not mean that you paint the kitchen with pepper red, but with more striking colors. If it is a kitchen open to the dining room, the advice is to paint the two areas with the same color.

best paint colors to paint a house to sell

What colors not to use?

In most cases, the interiors are not bright and pleasant like in the magazines. In reality, there are dark areas and shadows that affect good looks and do not look good.

As an example, we can say the living room; darker colors can lower a home’s price. If they are painted black or dark gray, they give the feeling of depression. Gray colors allow for a sophisticated air and can help drive up the price of the home.

You must do without dark tones in any room of the property. Black has too many negative connotations in our country and is often associated with death and destruction. Almost all buyers prefer cheerful colors.

The painting experts also advise painting some interior rooms in a lighter color than the exterior. The main reason is that if a customer likes your exterior color, they will also love a similar interior shade. The first impression is essential. That is why the property’s excellent condition will create greater interest in the potential tenant or buyer from the beginning.

5 Tips you need to paint your house before selling it

One thing that will help you increase your home’s value and translate into fewer expenses is painting. An interior or exterior paint job attracts and shows future buyers that your home has been cared for and is still in excellent condition. Making a small expense before putting it up for sale can give a higher value in the end.

1.-Paint walls and ceilings with the appropriate paint

Each space that makes up the property is exposed to factors that must be taken into account before choosing paint, such as humidity, high temperatures, sun exposure, traffic of people, type of activity, etc. Based on this and the walls that we want to renew, we must acquire the kind of paint you must acquire, for example, if it is a children’s room.

For the bathrooms, we have antibacterial water-based enamel paint; that is, it will help the moisture that accumulates in that area not to cause fungi or bacteria to remain in good condition for longer.

2.-Paint tiles

When the reform is not possible because the budget is high or the house is old, do not hesitate, paint the bathroom and kitchen tiles. As if by magic, you will bring them to the present time without great works, and you will get an image that not even you could imagine.

3.-Paint wooden doors

We often do not realize the woodwork in the house: either it is not pretty or it looks aged or old-fashioned, and it may not make a good impression. It resorts to painting to give it another more current or renewed look, achieving visual cleaning to highlight a wall, a room, or hide its unattractiveness even more so when it comes to good quality doors.

4.- Painting built-in cabinets

It is very common to find cabinets in a room or hallway that can be the room’s weak point if they are not right or with unattractive wood. One solution to make them stand out and achieve harmony is to paint them as the wall color. In this simple way, you can visually expand the space.

5.- Paint kitchen cabinets

As with built-in cabinets, it may be the case that the kitchen cabinets are not current but are in good condition and are of quality, or have a very striking color that is no longer in fashion. Dare to paint them, it’s possible! And give them back the image and modernity they had.

Paint your house and get the best buyer

Painting is a simple action that offers many advantages, as seen in all these points. Thanks to it and some real estate techniques included in what is known as Home Staging, you can achieve significant changes in the property you want to sell.

In any case, you can always seek professional help or advice when painting your house. This will guarantee that your house’s appearance when showing it to the public is the ideal one, with perfect finishes, so that you can sell as soon as possible at the price you want.

The History of Boulder, CO

Boulder, CO

Early History

The Boulder Valley was originally home to the Southern Arapaho Tribe who had a small village near Haystacks mountain. Other tribes, including the Cheyennes, Ute, Comanches, and Sioux also visited the area on occasions. The southern Arapaho tribe was close allies of the Cheyenne and more loosely the Lakota and Dakota tribes. Historically, the Arapaho had moved south into the area in the 1700s.

In 1858 the first settlers arrived in the Boulder Valley and established the first non-native settlement in the valley. This contravened the first Fort Laramie Treaty. However, the local Arapaho chief Niwot granted the settlers permission to stay the winter and then leave. The settlers broke the agreement and stayed. Despite breaking their promise, Chief Niwot tried to maintain a peaceful relationship with the settlers, but in 1862 after more settlers arriving and settling in Indian territory, the Sioux uprising took place, and the Anglo-European response was to solve the Indian problem once and for all.

As settlers moved west into present-day Colorado in 1864, there had been spasmodic fighting with the Native Americans. The most notable battle was “The Sand Creek Massacre.” In this action by US Volunteers under the command of Colonel John Chivington attacked and destroyed a joint Arapaho and Cheyenne village. In the process, they killed and mutilated a large number of residents, about two-thirds of which were women and children. This was hailed as a great victory at the time but later described as genocide.

It was thought for a long time that chief Niwot had died at Sand Creek. However, later it was found out that he had survived and many years later (1907) converted to the Baptist Faith with 100 other Arapaho. There is a statue of the chief outside Boulder Courthouse.

Growth of Boulder

In 1861 the US Congress established the “Territory of Colorado,” and Boulder is no longer part of Nebraska. It was in the early 1860s, that Boulder started building infrastructure. Boulder had grown into a supply town for the miners and was a much more stable community than the various mining settlements in the area. Boulder benefitted from its role as a supply town and this promoted more growth. In 1860 the first high school opened, and then In 1861 laws were passed which paved the way for Boulder to become home to the state university. By the end of the decade, the first newspaper had opened (Boulder County News).

The 1870s saw no let-up in growth. In 1870 the Denver and Boulder Valley Railroad begins was set up.

Then just one year later, in 1871 Boulder Town was Incorporated officially – this was in direct violation of the Fort Laramie Treaty. The railroad was now operating and the population had grown to over 323. Construction work had begun at the University of Colorado and in 1877 it opens.

At the same time, momentous things were happening statewide and Colorado Territory now became the State of Colorado.

In 1880, at the start of the new decade, Boulder passes 3,000 population making it eligible for incorporation. Two years later Boulder is incorporated as a second-class town. The first meeting of the new town council takes place in the new town hall. Expansion continued throughout the 1880s with the first courthouse being built. At the university, the Medical School opened its doors.

1890 saw Boulder Railroad depot built to serve the Union Pacific Railway that had opened two years before. More infrastructure was built with the Highland School opening. And at the university, the new Law School opened for students.

At the end of the century, Boulder now boasted a lot of modern infrastructure neighborhoods had been built, the city had a post office, a hospital, telegraph, bank, and a new water system. Some neighborhoods even boasted flagstone sidewalks, demonstrating the degree of urbanization. The growing prosperity of Boulder saw the opening of the first private school, Boulder, Mount St. Gertrude Academy, in 1892

The Twentieth Century

The economy had started to slow down for Boulder by 1905 and it was deemed necessary to try and boost tourism. Part of this plan was the construction of Hotel Boulderado. By subscription, the community raised the money and by 1909 the new hotel was open. This was the beginning of a forty-year period where tourism was king in Boulder.

There were other attempts to stimulate the economy and in 1902 the Boulder Oil Field began operation, the second field to commence operations in Colorado. The field was active for a few years, but a minimal trace of it remains today. The maximum production was 1909.

The University continued to grow with the Museum of Natural History, closely followed by the School of Commerce., Boulder. Colorado University Events Center (arena) opens. History was made with Lucile Buchanan is the first black female graduate from the University of Colorado.

More Higher Educational facilities moved to Boulder such as the US Navy School of Oriental Languages transfers from California to Boulder and the U.S. National Center for Atmospheric Research Mesa Laboratory. The Culinary School of the Rockies.

Despite these new educational facilities coming to Boulder, during the period 1920 to 1940 there had been very little population growth. The population of 11,006 in 1920 only growing to 12,958 in 1940. The end of the second world war brought a sudden influx of growth and by 1950 there were 20,000 residents.


The first hints of the coming era of prohibition had been seen in 1907 when Boulder adopted the “anti-saloon” ordinance. This was introduced following a powerful female-led prohibition movement. Technically, this measure stayed in force until 1967, although in 1933 3.2% beer, had become legal with the end of prohibition nationally. In 1916 Statewide prohibition began in the State of Colorado and this lasted until the repeal of the national prohibition in 1933.

Boulder, Colorado

Historic International Connections

On the east side of Boulder’s Municipal Building is the “Sister City Plaza.” This was built to celebrate all the sister cities that Boulder has around the world. Boulder has regularly made these connections since 1983 when the first sister-city connection was made.

  • · Nicaragua Jalapa, Nicaragua (1983)
  • · China Lhasa, China (1986)
  • · Tajikistan Dushanbe, Tajikistan (1987)
  • · Japan Yamagata, Japan (1994)
  • · Mexico El Mante, Mexico (2000)
  • · Cuba Yateras, Cuba (2002)
  • · Kenya Kisumu, Kenya (2008)
  • · State of Palestine Nablus, Palestine (2016)
  • · Nepal Kathmandu, Nepal (2018)
  • · Israel Ramat Negev, Israel (2018)

Historic Buildings and Sites in Boulder

The history of the University of Colorado

Two cities competed for the site of the planned University of Colorado. One was Carlton, and the Other was Boulder. The losing city was to be awarded the state prison as a consolation prize. Carlton already had the Colorado Territorial Prison so logic pointed to them being home to the state prison. Boulder was duly awarded the state university. Carlton seems to have a prison surplus as it now has six prisons in the city.

The cornerstone for the university main building was laid on 20th September 1875 and it opened almost exactly two years later. At the time there were not many high schools that could bring students to the correct level for university so they also built a preparatory school on the campus. In the fall of 1877, there was an exclusive student body that consisted of 15 university students, and 50 preparatory school students, something that we would find difficult to imagine today. Of the 65 students, there were 38 male and 27 female students with ages between 12 and 23 years old.

During World War 2 the University was one of 131 educational establishments that were selected to be part of the V-12 Navy College Training Program. This program was an effort to quickly train new navy officers.

Even though the University had female students from the very beginning it was not until a year later that the university hired its first female professor Mary Rippon. The college excelled at Boulder Kitchen Remodeling.

The university is split into several colleges or schools:

  • · College: Arts & Sciences
  • · College: Engineering and Applied Science
  • · College: Media, Communication, and Information
  • · College: Music
  • · School: Leeds School of Business
  • · School: of Education
  • · School: University of Colorado Law School
  • · Graduate School
  • · Continuing Education and Professional Studies
  • · Program: Environmental Design

The History of Boulder Station/Railroad depot

The Boulder railroad depot was originally built in downtown Boulder to serve the Union Pacific Railroad. The style of construction was “Richardson Romanesque” and made from local stone. The station cost $16,000 and was an operational station at this location until 1957. A new railroad station was built to replace it just east of town. Rather than demolish this historic building it was sold to the Denver-Boulder Bus Company who operated it as a bus terminal for 16 years. At that stage, the building was shuttered and closed for good. That was not the end of the building and in 1973 it was moved near to the original Boulder County, Colorado Fairgrounds to preserve it. Amazingly enough, that was not the end of this train depot, and it was moved once again to the city’s “Boulder Junction Neighborhood.” There is still stands, reopened as a restaurant called Roadhouse Boulder Depot.

The History of the Chautauqua Auditorium

The Chautaugua was adult education and social movement, that gained popularity in the USA in the 19th and 20th centuries. The expansion of Chautaugua assemblies took place until the 1920s. These venues were host to a variety of activities, such as talks, recitals, showmen, preachers, and so on. They were a central source of culture for a community.

The Chautauqua Auditorium in Boulder, Colorado, was built in 1898. In 1978 it was listed on the National Register of Historic Places, as it was still very much in its original condition. The building was constructed of wood, had floors made of dirt, and sprinkled with sawdust. The building was thoroughly renovated in the 1970s to bring it back to prime condition, seats were repaired and other maintenance work was carried out, but the basic design of the building was not touched, and the acoustics are exactly as they were when it opened.

The Chautaugua was not only for cultural events. It also served as a cinema, and for Vaudeville shows. The projection equipment was updated several times and it continued as a movie house until 1995. For the latter years, it only showed second-run movies.

Carnegie Library Boulder, CO
Street View of Carnegie Library Boulder, CO

History of the Carnegie Library in Boulder

The Library was opened in 1906. It was listed in the National Register of Historic Places in 1979.

The library was made possible by the generosity of steel tycoon, Andrew Carnegie and cost $15,000. Part of the deal was that the city council would put aside $1,500 each year for its maintenance. At the time the people of Boulder referred to themselves as “The Athens of the West” so the architect created something akin to a small Greek Temple. The library was a central part of the city but when the city population had doubled they had to build a new, larger library, and the role of the Carnegie library was very much reduced. The building was allowed to deteriorate until 1981 when the library staff managed to reclaim the building. They chose to move the growing collection of local works to the old Carnegie Library and reopen the building as the Carnegie Library for Local History.

Andrew Carnegie built over 2,509 libraries between 1883 and 1929.1,689 were built in the USA and a further 660 built in the UK, 125 in Canada, and others around the world. Many cities that were offered grants to build a Carnegie library ultimately refused the grant because of the insistence that the city put aside money each year for maintenance and to maintain the collection. Fortunately, the city fathers of Boulder were more forward-thinking and agreed to these terms.

The Curse of Niwot

When the first settlers came to Boulder and were allowed to stay by Chief Niwot, one of the reasons that he allowed this was a dream that he had regarding the white men. He dreamt that “People seeing the beauty of this valley will want to stay, and their staying will be the undoing of the beauty.”

Fortunately, Niwot’s Curse has not come to pass and Boulder has protected the beauty of the land surrounding the city since 1898 when they purchased portions of the Huggins Ranch to ensure the land was preserved and kept natural. In the decades that followed Boulder continued to acquire land to ensure that Niwots dream does not come true.

The Building Permits Process in California

CA Building Permit

California building permit

Building permits are official confirmations/ documented proof obtained from government agencies. The permit grants you or your contractor the liberty to do construction works. In California and many states, a building permit must have, in need to venture into construction or remodeling endeavors.

The permit is the only governing documentation that ascertains your building is in line with construction and zoning measures. Additionally, the permit’s stipulated rules before its acquisition ensure the safety guarantee to residents. It also enforces strict use of land and zoning policies.

In as much as building permits are a must-have before construction and remodeling, getting a California building permit takes time. However, you don’t have to go through the painstaking process. You can use a realtor to do your bidding. The real estate experts will help you get all the necessary permits while they expedite the process. Consequently, your projects get to start soon compared to when you do it yourself.

This document contains all the data about California building permits.

· How long does it take to get a building permits California?

Of course, the process of obtaining the remodeling or construction permit is lengthy. Nonetheless, upon filing the paperwork as needed, you can get your permit after two weeks for residential buildings. On the other hand, procuring a commercial building permit will take up to four weeks and sometimes even six weeks. The variations per permit are evident, and they are flexible depending on the project size. And so, to speak, if your project is small, you may end up getting the California building permit on the same day of application.

· The building permits California process

Since it’s a compendious process, California’s building permit turns out to be bureaucratic. It has stringent guides to govern you, and the area must adhere to. The guidelines are exclusively made to prepare you for the undertaking.

Anyhow, during the application process, you should contact the local authorities and give them a description of your project. Thereon, should your project have underlying reasons for not needing a permit, they will allow you to undertake it. Consequently, saving your time and speeding up project completion. On the other hand, should access be a requirement of your project, they will give you the proper application documents.

The California building permit at times needs to be double but dissimilar. This is a typical case when doing sizeable remodeling and modification of your home or commercial building. One of the double permits covers the construction/ remodeling work, while the other may cover plumbing and electrical redoing.

If necessary, as soon as you have the right application documents, proceed by compiling it with other forms such as the blueprints showing the areas to be remodeled, among others. Moreover, most projects concerning construction require blueprints drawings that show the desired work that’s awaiting completion.

The permit application, after being correctly filled, should be submitted accompanied by the necessary fee. After all these processes, you get the official California building permit certificate. The certificate can be posted on the construction site as soon as remodeling or building activities kick-off.

· When is the California building permit needed?

As a resident in California, probably by now, you know that not all projects require a California building permit. Sufficed to say, small tasks like repainting a kitchen or moving in/ reinstalling cabinets do not need permits. The inevitability of the permit depends on the requirements of the local building code. The code varies in different cities, and the issues may be reflected in specific regions. As an example, some permits in other states must take into account the cold winter weather.

The permit is required to ensure that everyone within the building is safe. With all things considered, failure to obtain the California building permit wills the shutdown of your projects. The advancements or construction made will also be demolished.

Here are the projects that require building permits California.

· Conversions of rooms – these can be expanding of rooms and getting rid of redundant ones.

· New building construction – the permit is not only needed in new building construction; it also a necessity when going for remodeling. In that case, you will need the electrical redoing and re-plumbing, which require the California building permit. Should the roofs also be part of the remodeling, the top, the building permit comes in handy.

· Demolition projects – while demolition may seem easy and even oblivious of California building [permit, that’s not the case. Demolition works may cause lives and other hazards. Precautions must therefore be followed, and that’s by getting the California building permit.

How to obtain the building permits California.

1. Do your research without stress.

Obtaining the California building permit is a stressful and lengthy endeavor. However, if you follow these steps while you are calm, you can pass through. To keep stress at bay, remember to include permit fees and the design fee since they are substantial. And in that case, your research should tell you the amount of payment required in the state of California you live in.

Approved engineers or building contractors can manage some of these steps mentioned below. Relying on them for assistance on the California building permit will be a wise and smart turn.

2. Check your town’s website.

Each city in California has a compendious description of works that require permits. The needed documents and processes for the permit application vary too. Consequently, the fees are also susceptible to changes.

Despite having the detailed process and the list of documents, you have to contact the building department. You need to have one of their personnel take you through the process. Additionally, it would be best if you made inquiries on their review process. Such relationships shall create openness and free interaction, helping you get the best responses in time.

3. Know that any advancements to the structure of the building require licensed engineers in California

These changes comprise the demolition of walls within the building or outside. In most cases, the primary cosmetic work requires a California building permit before undertaking. However, replacing the old faucets in your washroom doesn’t require a California building permit.

4. Conform to the up-to-date California building code

Each city-state may modify the code. However, modifications should be restrictive than the California building code. If you are remodeling an old building, you need to update the whole system in the entire building.

For instance, if you are dealing with buildings constructed in the 1940s, the electrical connection is probably dangerous. Renovations will trigger necessities for updates on the electrical system.

5. Know the choices you have for historical assets

In California, homes that are historically designated are usually 50 years old, going backward. Others have also hosted historical functions and have a remarkable backstory. As a historical asset homeowner, your review for the application will take longer than other buildings.

However, with normal remodeling, house owners intending to make electrical and other cosmetic fixes will require no permit. However, you must check your town’s regulations. If allowed, you can conduct the renovations.

On the other hand, historic integrity in California is a must cherish. In this case, if you were to do any remodeling, the outcome must be similar to what was before. So, if you plan to add a roof or remodel the historic house’s exterior, contact the California authorities first. If your description accompanied by the application documents is of concern, they will issue the California building permit.

6. Thoroughly follow the submittal requirements.

The first step any well-trained plan checker will take is checking the submittal for substantiality. An insubstantial submittal will derail your project. At times your application for the California building permit may be denied.

If you are not able to obtain the needed documents, you should contact the California building department. If they have them, you will need to fill them with the consent of a licensed professional.

California Building Permits

· Phase two after submittal

1. Stay positive

In California, many building departments have a few staff. Consequently, the review process will take longer than usual in staffed faculties. Positive communication with the staff members will get your review completed as soon as possible. It will also get you through the problems that arise during the review process.

2. Allow inspections

Once you have landed the California building permit, the work covered by it must be inspected. Each permit has the to-be interviewed jobs listed by the building faculty. It would help if you didn’t cover up the already reviewed work, lest the work will be exposed for re-inspection.

Additionally, any deviations from the stipulated documents must be reported to the California building departments. There, the deviation will be approved, and additional charges might be incurred.

3. Get your project re-inspected

Upon completion of your projects, contact California’s building department for the final inspection. The work will be judged to be in line with the code and be appropriately done. The final inspection details will be documented. As a consequence, they will increase the value of your house. Antagonistically failure to write them will reduce the value of your buildings.

· The cost of a California building permit

California has not set any guidelines on permit pricing. However, the cost of building permits is $1200.

· Understanding the residential and commercial building cost

In as much as building permits for both residential and commercial buildings, there are distinctive features. The prime difference is that building or remodeling a commercial building is expensive. Residential buildings, on the other hand, are much cheaper. To develop a commercial building, you will need a California building permit.

What are the differences between commercial and residential building permits?

· Commercial buildings

Commercial buildings are designed for businesses. In terms of permits, they come with expensive permit and inspection fees. Still, they have stricter requirements that must be followed to approve the process.

· Residential buildings

On the other hand, residential building is designed to be living spaces. They come with somehow cheaper inspection fees, which depend on the work’s location. The type of project being done and the town regulation are also causing concerns. The approval process and requirements are also less strict compared to commercial buildings.

· Verdict

If you wish to develop or remodel a business building, the permit you get is the same for a residential building. However, more evaluation is done to assess the costs that need to be paid. With the commercial building cost, you will be required to pay 3 % of the contract’s value, which is costly.

Apart from paying the valuation fee, you will have to pay the inspection fee to acquire the permit. Inspections are necessary to ensure the building complies with California regulations.

California State sets the inspection fee for residential properties. To be sure of whether you can afford the costs, confirm with the local authorities. Seeking advice from real estate personnel will also be wise.

building permits in California

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

1. How do I apply for a partial building permits California?

Amidst waiting for the full permit, the partial access will allow partly developments. The partial license may cover excavation or foundation creation. To apply it, you have to provide your project requirements. Moreover, a written outline explaining the scope of the partial permit and the permit fee is also needed.

2. How do I obtain the building permits California for occupancy?

The occupancy permit is the final approval to stay or use the building. You will only get it after the building safety code officer reviews the structure to determine whether the permit is necessary. If so, the officer shall provide the occupancy documents to the overall freelancer at the inspection time. The inspector will evaluate other pertinent authorities that need to sign off the project. Once signed, the contractor will leave the occupancy permit to the contractor. But for new business, arrangements for business licenses will have to be carried out.

3. What do the building drawings constitute?

Drawings may feature the site plan, architectural floor plans, and plumbing and electrical installations.

The bottom-line

The sole purpose of building permits California is to ensure your project works to meet the local guidelines. Projects must be in line with zoning, construction, and the use of land guidelines. The guidelines are there to promote the safety of building users and the building’s durability. It’s necessary to have a California building permit in any state of California before doing remodeling or other projects.

The Best Bathroom Remodel Ideas

bathroom remodeling

A bathroom remodeling requires one to do a revamp. You can either change a few aspects of your bathroom or do an entire overhaul. You don’t have to go big to do a bathroom remodeling; small upgrades are allowed too. You can also daydream while at your desk at the office and make a dream come true in the near future.

However, selecting a brand-new look can be daunting. However, by the time we are done with this article, you may look for a different location to remodel that bathroom. You could also want to replace dull and outdated countertops. Whatever your preferences are, be ready to do a bathroom makeover following this ell researched array of your bathroom designs.

Some bathroom remodeling includes glamorous vanities, relaxing tubs, and sleek showers. From approachable and crisp to extra and luxurious. Here are the ideas on how stylish bathroom spaces are made of:

Use Inexpensive Materials

Bathroom remodeling will not require one to strain their wallet, and you can refurbish and retain the existing materials to save money. In case you want to switch up the old to new materials, there are cheaper alternatives. They leave your bathroom amazingly remodeled. For instance, you can replace real wood flooring with vinyl flooring. It will look so nice and authentic.

Paint the wooden bathroom floors

Recently, wooden floors have become trendy. In case you own one, you can refurbish it by painting it with protective enamel. It’s a low-budget way to keep it around for a longer time. On the other hand, if you are ready to replace it, you can rip it off and replace it with more moisture-hardy flooring like tiles.

Repurpose A Vintage Vanity

Vintage vanity is something that you can design yourself. You don’t have to get it from the shop or cabinet makers. Vintage vanity is an option that goes with the design you prefer to sit in your bathroom. Here, you have to think outside the box. In fact, other used or new cabinets, desks, and sideboards can be repurposed to provide surface storage or space in your bathroom. When surfing the internet, you are bound to come across different DIY bathroom remodeling designs that you can easily integrate.

Roman Shades on Bathroom Windows

During bathroom remodeling, roman shades are colors that you choose according to your bathroom’s color pattern. They are affordable and offer great light to your space. The aim of roman shades is to control the natural light coming in, add a soft effect to the hard surface of your bathroom, and absorb any sound effect. They are functional, practical, and offer a stylish appearance to your bathroom.

Refinish your tub, don’t replace it.

A total replacement of your tub should be the last option in your mind on a cost-saving basis. To do a bathroom remodeling, refinish the tub. This is whereby you retain and repair instead of removing it. For the yellowed or stained surfaces, nicks, and cracks, you are advised to refinish the tub. Alternatively, the bathtub is a temporary fix, therefore, inexpensive. For a profession to install, it takes years; unlike bathtub refinishing that looks better and is often cheaper.

Limit Your Tile

Filling your bathroom with tiles can be very expensive. Bathroom remodeling calls for limited tiles laid out in one strip and paints the other part of the bathroom floor. For savings, focus on areas like the floor. Alternatively, if you settle on hiring a contractor to lay out the tiles, you can opt for tiles that are cheaper and artistic.

Freshen Grout and Caulk

This is often overlooked. It is A very imperative detail is freshening Sauk and grout. In case it becomes grimy, it becomes unsightly. You only require a few dollars to clean the grout and add straight, clean lines of caulk around the sink and tub. The sparkle that comes from this makes a huge difference. Caulk and grout are inexpensive, a very affordable way for a bathroom remodel.

bathroom remodeling ideas

Go Green with Upgrades

Let us create a natural environment during bathroom remodeling. Redesigning a bathroom calls us to go green too. Let us keep the environment in mind. Using Low-flow sinks, toilets, and showerheads helps conserve a lot of water and save money too.

Those water-saving faucets and showerheads are affordable; therefore, you’ll use less money to save money. Also, we are repurposing or reusing material, while bathroom remodeling is good for saving the environment.

Use Stylish lighting

Stylish lighting will make the bathroom look pretty, fancy, and modernized. Bathroom remodeling will need you to get a chandelier that will bring classy and exceptional lighting to your bathroom. The lighting setting is ideal and authentic, thus, displaying very beautiful patterns over your bathroom. It is a feeling that would make you not leave the shower anytime soon.

Coordinate Accents

Coordinating accents in a crafty way when doing a bathroom remodeling will give that space a designer touch. Matching the accessories with a great color scheme can help you attain a complex or rather sophisticated look. You can either go with bright colors or darker colors, depending on your moods. For a feminine look, you can opt for dark rose or light rose pink. Your preferences matter most in bathroom remodeling.

Refurbish wood cabinets.

Are your cabinets dented, stained, or loose? Now, this is time for the bathroom remodeling. You can either sand the cabinet wood and stain or repaint it with a nice color that complements your bathroom walls. Use waterproof paint; it’s recommended. In case of those dents and broken cabinets, bathroom remodeling is done by painting it all over and nail back the loose parts.

Reclaim your Towel Rack

Bathroom remodeling compromises bathroom furnishing replacements and removal of structures like towel racks, cabinets, and so on. It ensures everything else is resurfaced or redone to have a new look. Therefore, you can either repair or change the color of a towel rack. Seal those aged towel rack finishes with the most recommendable sealant to add its lifespan.


Once in a while, there is a need for total replacement. The towels, rugs, and curtains might be torn and worn out. Bathroom remodeling calls for new curtain showers and rings; a coordinating set that matches with the floor or walls can be fancy. Add a few art galleries on the walls, and less is more, so do not overdo it. Get a new wastebasket, hamper since assorted new accessories will uplift your bathroom.

Make A Unique Bathroom Wallpaper

The bathroom wallpaper is now making a great comeback in most homes. It is creating a huge impact on bathroom remodeling, from subtle damasks to bold geometric patterns to ditsy floral. Occasionally, a bathroom wallpaper is incredibly inexpensive than tiling. We have the current bathroom wallpaper that can be replaced when the need arises. Some crafty and creative individuals are developing their own wallpapers using graphic design.

To do it yourself, you only need to apply wallpaper paste behind the pages and then stick them on your bathroom wall.

Brighten your bathroom tiles

A grimy grout and old tiles can make your bathroom look unattractive. It gets dirty, very fast. It tends to harbor mold and mildew. This is so dangerous since it can pose adverse health risks. Mostly, bathroom tiles will lose their shine and luster via daily tear and wear, exposure to soap, water sports, dirt, scup, and various environmental aspects. There are various techniques for DIY treatments that will restore the tile’s shine to reclaim its unique and exceptional look during bathroom remodeling.

Install new sink faucet

Just like installing new cabinets in bathroom remodeling, installing a sink faucet is a budget-free task that you can do yourself to sparkle the sink faucet effortlessly without having to change the whole top.

White Modern Bathroom

Going white has become a thing in bathroom remodeling. The white bathroom gives a modern, authentic, and classy look. Clean lines with white and few organic touches are what you only need. The shower will disappear in the bathroom background due to continuous wall tile and flooring throughout the bathroom.

Black Powder Room

A black room is also impressive in a bathroom. When you are doing a bathroom remodeling, dare to go black or dark by using dark paint. Not to look so dull, you can add some beautiful color in an artistic way not to look shoddy. Black is elegant and classy too.

Vintage Bathroom Design

Going all tradition during bathroom remodeling can be uplifting. To get this vintage look, mix furniture cabinetry, marble countertops, and paneled wainscoting with weathered wood flooring and mirror frames. Select faucets, lighting, fixtures, and hardware that incorporate sleek tweaks into traditional lines and shapes.

Modern Makeover Bathroom.

You don’t have to go radiation if your preference is modern. A modern makeover in bathroom remodeling boosts the room with a new modernized appearance. Use brushed metal finishes that will complement the bathroom vinyl flooring and marble countertop. Using white border pulls that modernized look.

Down to Earth Bathroom.

A light-filled room will mix the tiles types and colors in bathroom remodelling to give a sweet natural color pattern. Antique-copper hardware will add vanity lights and vintage styling to offer task lighting.

Mini Makeover

Bathroom remodeling calls for using a fresh coat of paint and new cabinets to the builder-grade bath vanity. An up-to-date vanity sink, top, and faucet complete the look.

Stylish Surround

The surrounding of a basic tub is only transformed with tiles. For bathroom remodeling, a stylish surround uses mosaic tiles all-around a bathroom wall and tub for an appealing, classy, and fresh appearance.

Craft an Attractive Color Palette for your Bathroom.

In bathroom remodeling, ensure that the color of your bathroom floor takes part in the overall feel of the place. With this in mind, the shade that you choose for your walls is supposed to magnify or balance the floor impact. The bathrooms have limited floor space and walls, ensure the circulation of air is constant. In case the walls or floors have more than one color, it is vital to coordinate with the entire color scheme than just focusing on one dominant color.

Put a mirror on the bathroom wall.

Incorporating mirrors on your bathroom walls during bathroom remodeling is essential. It makes your room look bigger than usual. This is a design trick used when you feel that your bathroom is cramped up or too small. Regardless of the guest bathroom, master bathroom, or tiny bathroom, you create more bathroom space by fixing wall mirrors.

best bathroom remodel

Make Dental-Supply shelves

We all love a bigger bathroom that will not cost us much. However, irrespective of the bathroom size, the only way to achieve a spacious bathroom is by creating small shelves where you can store your bathroom items. During bathroom remodeling, you can look for a cheaper cabinet that you can convert into dental supply shelves by placing them in your bathroom.

Use Faux Candles

I saw an Oregon Bathroom Remodel use Faux Candles and it was amazing. Faux candles in a bathroom offer a soothing impact. Just like candle lighting is sweet during dinner, in bathrooms, it brings serenity to daily grooming. You can choose a bathtub caddy, sink cluster candles, or shelve candle when prepping to kick off your day or in the evening while reflecting on how you spent your day. Recently, bathroom remodeling recommends for battery-powered LED wax pillars since it produces an amazing candlelight effect that will not cause a fire.

Final Word

With the above bathroom remodeling ideas, have you thought of refurbishing your own bathroom? The mentioned tips will turn that bathroom into a space that you would never want to leave. Love lives there.

Make sure you choose the best colors that will complement different parts of your bathroom; however if you want to do a bathroom remodeling. To ensure you don’t pinch your wallet and end up broke, upcycle some of the old metal and wood to craft nice shelving above your toilet and close to your bathroom sink to create more space for more bathroom items.